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Ultimate Gaming and Esports for All

Welcome to Nexplay. We are the only, all-in-one, gaming entertainment and esports ecosystem built for the next generation gamers. Our 5 core products and services are carefully developed with a gamer-centric approach to entice, excite and empower the most valuable user, the player. We deliver world class execution and make sure you, our customers, clients and partners is our focus. So, are you ready player one? Game on!



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What They’re All Saying

Awesome App!

“I did not suffer any problems. There was no lag, no crashes, everything played out smoothly. I ended my live stream after one match and it was with a new hero. Honestly, I gotta say, it went really well. Great job in the update guys. Definitely keep it up!”

Top Fan

“More Than A Brand”

Mobile gaming is becoming a forefront in the esports economy — tournaments are abound, fans watching player live streams round-the-clock, PC and console games being remastered for mobile. This is how Nexplay is positioning itself. More than building audience, bringing entertainment or winning titles, its vision is to elevate the mobile esports community. It is not just a company or a team or a brand. It is an advocacy.
Esports Team Manager

Nexplay Rules!

‘Nexplay rules! Hope to see other added features soon as I see it to have a lot of potential! Works great on my Zenfone 3 max – very user friendly for casual gamers like me. Great job!”

Nexplay App User