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Nexplay at Globe Telecom’s ESC

Nexplay continuously penetrates the gaming industry through numerous events and promotions that will definitely wipe the gamer’s thirst away!

We are genuinely proud to be a part of Globe Telecom’s program that brings world-class esports experience closer to local communities of gamers with the launch of its first Esports Center (ESC) at Play Nation in UP Town Center, Quezon City.

Globe SVP and Head for Content Business Group Nikko Acosta revealed that the ESC is the first of its kind in the Philippines created to support various esports communities.
“The ESC is an experience hub in which Filipino gamers and gaming enthusiasts can participate in the competition, creation of live streaming content, and interaction with other members of different esports communities.”

Acosta added that one of the goals of Globe Games and Esports is to strengthen the grassroots level of esports in the country in cooperation with various fan communities.
“We want to bring together different communities of popular games like Arena of Valor (AOV), Rules of Survival (ROS), League of Legends, and Tekken among others in one venue to upgrade their knowledge and gauge their skill levels with others through peer learning of new strategies and techniques.”

The ESC at Play Nation, UP Town Center offers unique and exclusive activities consisting of mini- tournaments, gameplay, fan meet-ups, and meet & greets with Team Nexplay. The arena was opened to the public last March 2019.