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Nexplay is now in ESPN 5

Perhaps the most groundbreaking development in online gaming so far is the establishment of “The Nationals” — the country’s first and only franchise-based esports league. And we’re pleased to announce that Nexplay Mobile Legends Pro team is taking part of the prestigious event.

There will be three games: Dota 2 on PC, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Mobile, and Tekken 7 on PS4, which will have two conferences in the first season. It will feature a double round-robin group stage and single-elimination playoffs. Winners and top performers per conference will advance to a season finale for each game later in the year.

Aside from hosting a legitimate tournament for esports athletes, The Nationals will be also providing players with adequate training facilities and other services needed for their development.

The Nationals boasts a wide array of support for their athletes. All participants will be equipped with an adequate training facility, as well as a support group composed of league-mandated team personnel such as managers, coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists, counselors, etc., which are vital to the development of the players.

“A lot of people think that being an esports athlete is easy, but players train as long and as hard as athletes would in traditional sports. It is highly competitive, and the dynamics are usually very unstable and ever-changing,”

Being a Franchise-based league, The Nationals guarantees the continued existence of teams, providing stability and continuity for the local esports calendar. Now, both athletes and teams have a more actionable goal that does not involve them going all or nothing on international events. With this in place, they can actually have long-term planning and continuity, something not yet present in Philippine esports.

The Nationals also comes at the heels of the inclusion of esports as a medal event in the 2019 SouthEast Asian Games to be held here in Manila. With esports slowly developing into one of the biggest industries in the world, Year One of The Nationals is just the beginning.

“Nexplay being in The Nationals is a huge victory. Similar to watching the BPL, NBA or NFL. We on National TV, ESPN, Egg Network Astro and more; viewed regionally and globally. It’s the pinnacle of Esports in Southeast Asia and a massive opportunity for creation.”

Gabriel Benito, Founder and CEO of Nexplay, shared.

The Nationals will also be joined by ESPN5 as its Official TV broadcast partner through 5Plus on Free TV, and Cignal TV through eGG Network and One Sports on Pay TV.