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Nexplay will represent PH in Hong Kong Startup Conference

Here at Nexplay, we believe in the full capabilities of gamers, and we’re sure that others see the potential in us, too. That’s why our team has been chosen by the DOST, DTI and DICT, to represent the Philippines in the upcoming RISE Conference, the largest tech conference in Asia. Along with 27 other Filipino startups, we will be flying over to Hong Kong to attend the event on July 9-11. It is a big honor for us to be given this opportunity, carrying the banner of the Philippines and giving pride to our fellow Filipinos. We hope that during the event, we’ll be able to show our Asian neighbors the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Filipino startups.

The RISE Conference is organized by Web Summit, considered to be the largest tech event in the planet. Talks, seminars and workshops will be delivered by the likes of Uber, Microsoft, AirAsia, Razer, Twitch and many more. A wide variety of topics will be covered, from technopreneurship, to esports, social media and AI. Experts from the fields of engineering, finance, venture capital, entrepreneurship, marketing and others will be sharing their craft to an attendance of more than 16,000 people.

This presents us with a great opportunity to share our vision, experience new technology, and most importantly learn from leading figures in the tech industry. This gathering of great minds and skilled hands alike will also enrich our growing network of contacts. This will allow us to build partnerships that we’re sure will lead to better products for you to enjoy. You can expect greater things from the Nexplay team after the RISE Conference, as we’ll surely be able to grow much from our participation in this event.

Meanwhile, for everyone here at home, we will be giving everyone a glimpse of what’s in storefor attendees of the RISE Conference. We will be posting more content to share with you how we could use our time in Hong Kong in building a better gaming experience for you with Nexplay. It would also interest us to know what you guys think about this. Are there any specific talks, workshops or topics you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to catch them if we can.