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Nexplay.AOV bags 2nd in AAL Seasonal Playoffs 1

Nexplay.AOV has been making an impact ever since its debut. Most recently, the team reached the Axis AOV League Seasonal Playoffs 1. Through their skills and determination, they were able to surpass many obstacles and beat strong teams. However, their run ended when they lost to Bren Esports in the lower bracket finals of the tournament. The team took home RM1,000 (~$240), finishing as the event’s second runner-up.The Axis AOV League Seasonal Playoffs is a two-league tournament that spans six months, which culminates to a Grand Finals this coming October. With the first league over, teams are already on their way to the second league. AAL Seasonal Playoffs 2 begins on July 19, 2019.

AXIS MegaBurden, AXIS Mighty 7, AXIS Secret, Krakatoa e-sports, Liyab Esports, MoonLight Origins, Team Impunity and TeamRida FUn and TeamRida Quantum. As the team sits out the tournament, it will nonetheless take the opportunity to learn from the match replays. Nexplay.AOV accumulated just enough experience from the AAL Seasonal Playoffs 1 to level up for tournaments to come. For now, the team continues to train and improve their game, always ready to take up the next challenge that come their way. The team is always forging forward towards the ultimate prize: The Arena of Valor World Cup Championship. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and greatness comes in time. Nexplay.AOV is confident that it will soon achieve the glory they work so hard for.

Catch our matches and streams through the TeamRida Nexplay Esports page, or through the Nexplay mobile app. Don’t have the app yet? Download the Nexplay App now to watch the latest streams on your Android mobile device.

Composed of long-time AOV veterans in the Malaysian esports team, Nexplay.AOV was formerly known as TeamRida Revolutions. Nexplay picked the team up after posting strong results in 2018, with the recent feat of finishing third in the SEA Games Malaysia qualifiers. The team continues to impress with their mastery of the game, and will continue to do so with the support of the organization.

Learn more about our Arena of Valor team in our official team members page in our website.Follow Nexplay.AOV for the latest news and updates about the team.