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Nexplay.ReY punches his tickets to PPGL 2019 Finals

Reyland “ReYLaND” Dela Cruz, a star in the local Tekken 7 scene, finally finds his way to the
PPGL 2019 Grand Finals. A familiar face in Tekken 7 events, ReYLaND has previously
attempted the qualifiers of past PPGL tournaments, always falling short from advancing.
However, a vital improvement in ReYLaND’s game allowed him to finally beat down his
opponents to give himself a slot in the PPGL Finals.

The Philippine Pro Gaming League 2019 Season 2 Qualifiers toured the entirety of the
country in search of the best pro gamers. ReYLaND answered the call and qualified through the
Luzon leg of PPGL – a first for his career. He becomes one of the eight finalists of the
tournament, which rounded up representatives from Visayas and Mindanao as well. Speaking of
his newfound success, ReYLaND shares to the PPGL media team,

“… There are a lot of players like me who have potential but lacks the financial capabilities to
pursue their passion for Tekken… So I think for those kinds of players…, a sponsor like Nexplay
is very vital to unlock our potential, as well as to be able to compete internationally…”

ReYLaND in an interview with PPGL, posted in PPGL’s Facebook page

Nexplay is all about bringing out the best out of gamers, unlocking their full potential and
allowing them to play their passion. We are only glad to hear that the #NexplayWay has helped
bring ReYLaND closer to achieving his dreams. He completes the four representatives of the
Luzon Region for PPGL, standing side-by-side with other Tekken 7 stars Doujin, AK and Jules.
ReYLaND’s success completely rests on his performance and dedication, but Nexplay supports
him in his quest for gold, fully believing in his capabilities to even surpass the current giants of
the industry.

The PPGL 2019 Season 2 Grand Finals will be held on August 9-11, 2019, and will have a
₱200,000 prize pool. PPGL also features matches from Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival and
League of Legends. Find the streams and the replays from the qualifiers here.

Watch out for Nexplay.ReYLaND’s upcoming matches. Check out his official player page in the
Nexplay website here. ReYLaND will be training for the meantime, and we hope we can count
on your support once he brings out his signature Master Raven and Steve against the best of
the best of the Philippine Tekken 7 scene. Until then, we’ll see you at the Dojo.