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Become a Superstar Shooter in Rumble League

Live out your dreams of becoming a Hollywood superstar in Rumble League. In this competitive team-based top-down shooter game, teams of up to five band together of gold and glory.

Rumble League pits two teams of Superstars against each other in Zone Control, Payload, Royale and Deathmatch game modes. Players of Overwatch and Team Fortress would quickly see the same gameplay patterns with Rumble League. Rumble is easier get into, making it ideal for just anyone to try it out and play on the go. The control scheme plays similar to games like Mobile Legends . You move your character with a digital joystick, and executing your Superstar’s devastating skills are done through different keystrokes.

Individual skill is essential in the game, but teamwork is what wins the game. Different game modes require high levels of coordination to get an upper hand against your opponent. Zone control is your traditional King-of-the-hill style of game mode, where you rack up your team score by holding a control point. Meanwhile, Deathmatch is a free-for-all shootfest, where the team that gets to a certain amount of kills first wins the game. Royale is like a mini PUBG game where three teams have to outlive one another in a map that keeps getting smaller.

Superstar Cast

Rumble League Characters

You can choose from a variety of twelve Superstars to see who fits your style. All these Superstars are further customizable with perks that affect your stats and skills, differentiating your personal build of any Superstar from other players. You can also change up how your Superstar looks with Rumble League’s big collection of skins. Each Superstar is unique in their skill sets, with some skills being unlocked through perks.

The default Superstar you start with is Beatriz, an RPG-wielding gal with a knack for big explosions. You begin your Rumble League career using her through the introductory matches and through the tutorial. However, you get to unlock all the other characters fairly quickly, and you’d be free to explore all of the different ways to play the game to your heart’s content. The twelve Superstars are varied enough for you to change up your game every now and then. You could use Hammer to become a tanky melee-fighter, or heal your teammates as Yumiko. Mix and matching your team composition adds a large component in the game’s strategy, and mastering more than just one Superstar is key to success.

Fun Progression System

Rumble League Progression

Progression in Rumble League is fair and balanced, and you can unlock all of your Superstar’s perks without spending any money. You unlock perks through the game’s in-game currency, tokens, which you will naturally accumulate while playing the game. Superstars gain levels as you play matches with them, unlocking content specific to them. Progression rewards for leveling up Superstars include weapon skins, tokens, alternate outfits for your Superstars, avatars and emotes. You can join a Superstar’s Fan Club to unlock even more content for that Superstar, giving you more options on how to bling up your favorite hero and show the other players how good you are for that particular character. You can join any Fan Club by spending Diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

Superstar Streamers Wanted!

Rumble League Character Sheet

Space Ape, the developers of Rumble League, also has an exclusive content creator program for streamers. In this program, the developers give streamers access to more content not available for normal players. They also invite streamers to join streamer-only weekly battles, tournaments and other exclusive real life events. The developers also prioritize streamers in making up their pool for competitive leagues. The developers have a lot of real-life perks for streamers actively promoting the game to their communities. If you’re not a content creator but your favorite streamers play the game, support them! You may even get into their exclusive leagues if you’re an active member of the Rumble League community. As any other mobile game, you can stream Rumble League using the Nexplay app.

Superstars Battle for Glory!

Rumble League Gameplay

Competitive players who are itching for a challenge may try out for the SEA Slam. Superstars are already competing in the SEA Slam, but future legs are already planned out. Do well and you might even be invited to the next SEA Slam tournaments. You could even get a chance to be chosen to compete in the Live Draft Show, which has a $15,000 prize pool!

The developers at Space Ape are planning for more of these tournaments in the future, so be sure to check it out in your free time.