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Mega Man X DiVE Featured Image

Mega Man X DiVE Closed Beta Registration

Capcom is starting to become more aggressive in the mobile gaming market, having released many mobile games lately. The latest of these games is Mega Man X DiVE published by Capcom Taiwan. This trip down the memory lane will see iconic characters such as Mega Man X, Zero and Axl. Although still in closed beta, it’s starting to make waves both in Taiwan and globally.

The gameplay is similar to old school side-scrolling Mega Man games, although you will see some inspiration from other mobile games too. For example, Auto-lock modes simplify the gaming experience by locking the aims of Mega Man and other characters on the enemies, allowing you to shoot at will without worrying about accuracy. You level up as well as you play along the game, increasing your stats and earning new weapons for your characters. These weapons can be equipped to a variety of characters, allowing you to mix and match your weapons resulting to unique loadouts.

Multiplayer in a Mega Man game?

Mega Man as a series is widely-known as a single-player game. Mega Man X DiVE subverts this trend by introducing multiplayer. Friends can now share their love for Mega Man in both cooperative and player vs. player modes. The specific details of how the online multiplayer works is still under development, but this feature will surely reach its way in the game’s final build.

Thrilling Boss Battles Return

Big baddies from past Mega Man X games make a comeback in this game. You’ll enjoy titanic opponents made by Dr. Doppler like Maoh the Giant, who made its first appearance in the Opening Stage of Mega Man X3. Gigantic Mechaniloid makes an appearance too, the big baddie who welcomed new players of Mega Man X2, will make an appearance as well. Mega Man X DiVE makes screen-filling battles a big part of the game’s stages. While reliving memories against these old enemies in new stages, you get to enjoy the experience with your friends for the first time.

Register now for the Closed Beta!

The game is still currently under development, and the makers of the game needs your help in polishing the game for release. Until August 22, you may register for the game. The developers will be picking 30,000 registrants from all those submitting their forms. It’s not first come, first served, so don’t worry if you’re filling your forms late!

Although the game is going to release in both iOS and Android, only Android users are eligible for this registration.

Here’s how you could register for Mega Man X DiVE’s Closed Beta:
1. Go to the game’s website here.

2. Enter your email in the entry box. (Only Gmail accounts are allowed)

3. Come back to the same website on August 23 to see if you were chosen to take part of the Closed Beta.