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Nexplay welcomes two brand new MLBB teams

The Nexplay family steadily grows as two new teams now follow the Nexplay Way. These people answered our call and can now call themselves part of the family. Introducing teams Omega and Tempest, here to spice up your esports life.

As Nexplay’s first Mobile Legends team continues its adventures in the big leagues, Omega and Tempest are here to grow with the rest of the community. We believe in the potential of our new recruits, confident that they have what it takes to make it big. With an average age of 21, this young group of talents have yet to show their full powers. But young they may be, Omega and Tempest aren’t exactly new to the world of esports.

Nexplay Omega – rising stars of Luzon

Nexplay MLBB Second Squad

Nexplay.Omega is going to be our second Mobile Legends team. Consisting of players aged no more than 22, these young stars show promise in the skills they display this early in their careers. No strangers to competitive play, this team have gone through trials in various local tournaments. Throughout the past year, they’ve gained renown through their victories, specially in local tournaments held in Baguio. Take a quick look at the team’s roster:

  • Christian “Yanyen” Casten – Team Captain
  • Michael Ian “Mich_” Ilao – Carry
  • Mark Lester “kraMote” Robledo – Offlaner
  • Joshua Aleine “Yach” Tallara – Tank / Support
  • Rinard Jash “Kumander” Alfonso – Carry

When we were looking for a team to field as our second string of Mobile Legends players, these guys stood out from the rest. In Nexplay, we value the fun that comes out of playing, and it’s important for us to find people who share the same sentiments. On top of being competitive and dedicated, we have seen how this team could mix fun into their training routine. As they grow their esports careers, we know that they’ll remain motivated because we see how much they enjoy playing the game. This kind of dynamic is what we want to nurture – a healthy mix of work and fun, and we hope that these boys could help spread this positive mental attitude to everyone in the Nexplay Community.

Nexplay Tempest – about to whip up a storm

🔥Presenting our very own all girls esports team!⚡️Nexplay Tempest🌪Support them as they enter and compete in the…

Posted by Nexplay Esports on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Esports has mostly been a guy’s game, but who ever said girls can’t play? Nexplay Tempest is about to break stereotypes and prove that the fun can be shared between sexes. Our try-outs led us to discover these six talented players who now compose Nexplay’s first all-girls team. We have high hopes for each one of them, and based on how seriously they take their training, we’ll not be surprised if the team starts taking the esports scene by storm!

  • Em “Kaisaya” Dangla – Team Captain
  • Arriane “Riane” Cruz – Mage / Support
  • Joanna Aira “Aira” Santero – Offlane
  • Ysa “Tris” Callangan – Tank / Support
  • Koleen “Een” Mercado – Tank / Mage / Support
  • Chachi “Chachi” Oshiro – Marksman

Although so far this team has been untested in the competitive scene, each one of the players have had extensive gaming experience as individuals. Constant training will help in gluing the team together and forming them into one cohesive unit. With the help of the whole Nexplay community, Tempest could grow into one of the most successful esports teams in Mobile Legends. Time will tell if the team could convert their individual successes into team wins.

Follow Omega and Tempest in the Nexplay platform

The Nexplay Community could watch the adventures of both Nexplay.Omega and Nexplay.Tempest in the Nexplay app. Follow the official Nexplay Esports page to find out when the teams games will be. Follow their individual Facebook fan pages to watch them stream individually, or even catch them while they’re training. Livestreams by the Nexplay.Omega and Nexplay.Tempest, along with millions of other gamers can be found in the Nexplay app.