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ESL MSP Championship for AoV Primer

ESL, one of the top esports organizations in the world, debuted the MSP Championship for AoV this August. Nexplay AOV is one of the eight teams competing in the tournament, which pits together the top teams from Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. A total of $10,000 is at stake, as well as a direct invite to the Arena of Valor International 2019. The AIC is one of Tencent Games’ biggest tournaments. AIC 2018 had a total prize pool of $600,000, whose champions J Team brought home $250,000. The stakes are indeed high for this tournament, as more opportunities await the victors of the tournament.

ESL MSP’s invited two

ESL MSP Championship held three qualifiers to determine six of the teams joining the tournament. But even before the qualifiers rolled out, two teams already had their tickets booked for the event. These two were Liyab Esports and M8HEXA, the top teams of Valor Cup Season 4 last March. It was in Valor Cup Season 4 where Liyab first proved that they are masters of the game even outside of their home country of the Philippines. However, they were stopped in their tracks by the more experienced M8HEXA in the Finals. Nevertheless, both Liyab and M8HEXA represent the current top dogs of the Philippines and of Malaysia, respectively. These two teams are strong favorites to win the ESL MSP Championship.

Early Birds

The Philippines’ Oro Digitos and Singapore’s Resurgence battled their way into an intense qualifiers to become the first two qualified teams for ESL MSP Championship. The two teams bested fifteen others to get their spot in the tournament. Oro Digitos could also be counted as one of the top Filipino teams in AOV, having recently won the Sibol Qualifiers. Sibol is the Philippine’s esports team that will be fielded for the SEA Games. Having won the qualifiers, Oro Digitos have cemented their position as one of the best teams in the country. Meanwhile, Resurgence have had successes of their own. However, they’re yet to win a gold in any of the major tournaments they’ve attended. Resurgence is surely aiming to make ESL MSP Championship their first.

ESL MSP welcomes Bren Esports and Nexplay AOV

During the second qualifiers, Bren Esports and Nexplay. Bren Esports was a runner-up for the PPGL 2019, falling just behind Liyab and Kidlat. Bren Esports is an established organization in the Philippines with strong structural support from its management. They participated in the third and fourth seasons of Valor Cup, but failed to make it to the finals in both occasions. Bren Esports is looking to see a turnaround in their luck in the ESL MSP Championship. Meanwhile, Nexplay has been a mainstay in the scene. Nexplay, under its former name Team Rida, have won multiple championships in Malaysia. Click the link to learn more about Nexplay AOV.

Last but not the least

The last two teams to complete the roster of ESL MSP Championship were Malaysia’s Nakama and Philippines’ EurasiaSuperfly. EurasiaSuperfly were participants of the PPGL 2019, but they failed to claim the top spots of the tournament. Meanwhile, Nakama is still building up its resumé. Both are hopeful that ESL MSP Championship will give them the lift they need in their valorous path to glory.

Two Groups, Four Finalists

ESL MSP Championship Groups

The eight teams were grouped into two, with every team placed in a different group as the one they qualified with. Nexplay will be playing against Liyab, Resurgence and EurasiaSuperfly in Group B, while M8HEXA goes toe to toe with Oro Digitos, Nakama and Bren Esports in Group A. Each group will go through a double-elimination bracket. The top two teams of each group will move on to the Playoffs. Nexplay will face their opponents starting this week. You can watch the matches and replays on ESL Asia’s Youtube page, or watch the games live through their livestreams on Facebook. Finally, check out their Twitter to follow the announcements about the tournament as it goes along.