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Lineage 2M releases this September on Android and iOS devices

NCsoft finally revealed the release date for its remake of one of the most popular MMORPGs in Asia. The Korean developers announced it through a new Lineage 2M website which revealed the date to be September 5, 2019. The game will be released first in Korea before the rest of the world. NCSoft slated the release of the global version sometime during summer 2020.

Fans of Lineage II will finally get to play the game in their mobile phones after two years of wait. Revealed in 2017, Lineage 2M was developed using Unreal Engine 4. Using the new engine, NCsoft was able to give it better graphics and fix issues from the original PC game. Lineage 2M will largely be a remake of Lineage II, but with a couple of major changes. For instance, the developers are experimenting with a “one-world” system, where all players would all be in just one channel. It will aalso have a seamless world, skipping loading screens when moving from one location to another.

Become whoever you want in Lineage 2M

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The Elves, one of the most popular races chosen by players in Lineage II, make a comeback in Lineage 2M

NCsoft has so far been mum on Lineage 2M’s specific gameplay elements. Even then, fans may assume that the same systems in Lineage II would be implemented in its mobile remake. Lineage II boasts a wide array of combinations for your characters’ race and classes. There are 7 races to choose from, each of which has a deep class system. Your characters will likely be unique from others, as there are more than 130 classes and subclasses in Lineage II. Each race could have dozens of classes unique to them, spread out through five levels of progression. Humans, for example, have two base classes, branching out to a total of 40 classes and subclasses.

These many classes caused balancing issues before, and NCsoft promised to fix these first and foremost. However, it’s unlikely that the developers will dispose of the class system completely, as it could alienate long time fans of the game. Players could expect roughly the same deep class system in Lineage 2M.

Lineage II: One of Asia’s favorite MMORPGs

The Western world wasn’t too hot on Lineage II. However, many countries in Asia loved Lineage II. Millions of players have enjoyed Lineage II, including the Philippines, Japan, China and even Russia. However, nobody loves Lineage II more than the Koreans, who comprise a majority of the game’s current playerbase. The introduction of Lineage 2M will likely attract the attention of old players who used to play the PC version. Its release on mobile also means it’s accessible for everyone, allowing new fans to discover and enjoy the game as well.

Once released, Lineage 2M will surely serve a lot of its Korean fans. It would not be until early into 2020 before Western fans get to enjoy this beloved MMORPG classic. If you’re itching to play an MMORPG right now, try out Era of Legends, out now on iOS and Android devices. We featured Era of Legends in our 10 Best Android and iOS Games of 2019, so be sure to check it out.