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The 10 Best Android and iOS Games for 2019

Covering the first half of 2019 (January to June)

Mobile devices nowadays pack strong firepower that incredible and well-designed games could be played in them now. Unlike before, we now enjoy playing fully fleshed out games on our mobile devices. Some of the games in Android and iOS even rival the games we get in consoles and on the PC. Here we introduce the top 10 best Android and iOS games released this first half of 2019. You should totally play these games, really. Don’t forget that you could stream these games in the Nexplay app, available only in the Google Play Store.

10. Lifeafter

Lifeafter - Netease

There’s no shortage of survival horror games, but Lifeafter may be just the best iteration of the game on a mobile device. Its survival elements borrow heavily from other games in the genre, like Rust, Minecraft, H1Z1 and even Fortnite, but superbly implemented in this format. It follows a generic zombie survivor story, where you’re one of the few survivors of a virus outbreak that turns everyone into zombies. You’ll be crafting weapons you’d use to fend off hordes of zombies, build camps as your safe haven, and interact with other players either with hostility or friendship. The graphics is honestly not its strong suite, but the game runs fine in most current-gen devices.

For a while this has only been available in China. Now that it’s released on both Android and iOS for English users, there’s no excuse for you not to try out this amazing game.

9. Tacticool

Tacticool - Panzerdog

Tacticool is a 5v5 shooter in a military-themed arena. Its graphics offers a grittier approach to the usually cartoony, over-the-top graphics that other top-down shooters have. Its gameplay mechanics is very similar to classic shooters with Control and Deathmatch modes. You control your character with a digital joystick, and it would fire automatically when an enemy gets in range. You can customize your loadout to a wide array of weapons, which can be unlocked using both free and paid currency. There are a lot of unlockables in the game, including dozens of powerful operators that can give an edge to your team using their character-specific powers.

Ride vehicles, shoot zombies and protect the money bag. Tacticool is a must-try for military game enthusiasts, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Another Eden - GREE, Inc.

ANOTHER EDEN: The Cat Beyond Time and Space may just have hit the right formula for JRPGs on the phone. It’s very similar to classic JRPG games from the past, but made specifically for mobile devices. Developers designed the game with mobile players in mind, making it enjoyable even just for short bursts of gameplay. This does not limit the RPG experience, however. The game has exploration elements, an enjoyable battle system, intuitive controls and simple but effective skills system. The characters are well-designed, and can be obtained both as you progress through the game or through the game’s Gacha mechanics. The Gacha mechanics, by the way, are totally optional. Although the Gacha currency is available for purchase, the game is very generous in giving out free currency just for playing the game daily and even just for visiting the store.

Legends of the industry developed ANOTHER EDEN, with Chrono Trigger scriptwriter Masato Kato (who also worked on Final Fantasy VII and XI, by the way). Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears also composed the soundtrack of the game. Similar to Chrono Trigger, the story involves time-travel, so expect the usual time-travel shenanigans in this game. ANOTHER EDEN is available in both Android and iOS devices.

7. One Piece Bounty Rush

One Piece Bounty Rush - Bandai Namco

Fans of the anime One Piece will adore this game. It’s a 4v4 arena brawler where two teams of pirates battle over control points. The team that controls the most control points within the time limit wins. The gameplay idea isn’t new, but this game nails it. The implementation is smooth and fits well with the teams of the game. One Piece Bounty Rush also brings together a broad collection of characters from the anime that fans would surely appreciate.

The game starts with you choosing two characters to play as, alternating between the two whenever you get knocked out. You could see the opposing team’s lineup, so you could always anticipate the matchups you’ll get during the match. You spend a couple of minutes working with your team to take as many control points as you could, all the while fending off your opponent’s attempts to take yours.

Obtaining characters involve Gacha mechanics, but it doesn’t feel abusive at all. Bounty Rush is pretty transparent with the drop rates of characters, so you always know what you might get. It’s also easy to grind your characters to maximum level, although it will still take some time if you don’t spend real money for it.

One Piece Bounty Rush is a must-try for One Piece and brawler fans alike. If you need to inject a few minutes of anime pirate action in your daily life, this game is it, may you be an Android or iOS user.

6. Era of Legends

Era of Legends - 101XP Limited

With World of Warcraft Classic just being recently released, fans of MMORPGs will surely have their hands full. But if you can’t get enough of Azeroth while you’re away from your computer, Era of Legends is a great substitute. Era of Legends takes the best out of many MMORPG games and melds them seamlessly in this colorful fantasy world. It has all the trappings of your regular MMO, like quests, raids, boss fights, pets, mounts and guilds. As it’s made specifically for mobile, Era of Legends also has mechanics you’d expect from a mobile game like auto-battling and timed-events. You can choose from eight different classes, all of which have their own sets of equipment, skins, and other collectible items.

Era of Legends stands out from other mobile MMORPGS thanks to its wonderfully-designed, open world environment. You could ride your mount and roam around in its vast scenery, and then discover places unmarked in the map for additional quests and storylines. You could explore the vast world of Eminoor, which is said to span about 10,000 square meters across.

Era of Legends is available in both iOS and Android.

5. FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter (Oh BiBi)

Not all arena shooters have to be team-based. FRAG Pro Shooter pits you in a duel with another player. Although the game is still an arena shooter, FRAG Pro Shooter pits two teams against each other with only one player controlling each team.

You build up your team by collecting character cards, which you could then upgrade to give you a better edge in combat. Your Battle Deck determines the characters, effects and bonuses you take with your in battle. You control one of your Pro Shooters at a time, with the rest of the team being controlled by the AI. You may freely switch between your characters, and will automatically respawn as your other characters when you die

.There are over 60 unique characters to collect in the game, all of which gives different boosts to your team. With five team members for each Battle Deck, there are literally millions of combinations of teams you could try out. Find out which team suits you best. FRAG Pro Shooter is available in both iOS and Android devices.

4. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls: Blades - Bethesda

The running joke with The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is that it has been in every platform in the past two generations, and it always sells. It’s even on Amazon’s Alexa! But one place where you can’t play Skyrim is on your mobile device. Thankfully, the good guys at Bethesda blessed us with The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It’s not a complete Elder Scrolls game, but it still solves the occasional itch to go dungeoneering and slaying beasts and dragons.

In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, You play as a Blade, the Imperial’s elite unit, forced into exile. You return home and find your town in ruins. It is up to you to help rebuild the town to its former glory.

Blades introduced a new combat system to the series. The developers obviously designed the controls with mobile in mind. It feels a bit clunky at first, but it’s an effective system once you’ve gotten used to it. Characters are highly customizable, and there’s a whole load of content that is still being poured into the game. A PvP Arena mode is in the works, but as of now you could enjoy going into dungeons and getting arrows to your knee all by yourself.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is currently on Open Beta in both iOS and Android devices.

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Sickhead Games

Set up the farm of your dreams while on the go with Stardew Valley. This cult classic hit has wowed many fans around the world when it first came out on PC a few years ago. Stardew Valley gives you the freedom to make the farm as you want it. You could choose from a lot of plants to grow, harvest and sell. You could turn your harvest into other products, like wine, beer and fruit cakes. There also tons of animals that you could take care of, and building a happy farm full of healthy animals is just within your fingertips.

Stardew Valley adds more depth to the generic farmer simulation genre. Your neighbors for instance are fully fleshed out characters with their own story arcs that unravel as you get to know them better. Turn friendship into romance and marry one of the twelve possible characters in the game.

The game also makes use of RPG mechanics to track your proficiency on different activities. Increase your farming, fishing, mining, foraging and combat skills by doing them over and over again. And yes, there’s combat. Collecting precious minerals will see you braving monster-infested dungeons, and you’ll have to get past these monsters to get your precious gold and diamond.

Stardew Valley is available in both iOS and Android devices for $7.99.

2. Rumble Stars Football

Rumble Stars Football - Frogmind

Sports games have a tendency to take themselves too seriously. Most sports games focus too much on realism that it sometimes takes the fun aspect of gaming out of it. Rumble Stars Football is not strictly a sports game, but it’s based around the basic premise of Football. Get the ball to the opponent’s goal with wacky animals playing on the field.

Rumble Stars Football’s silliness is its primary charm. It has many wacky animal players called Rumblers to collect, and each one have their own unique skills and abilities. The core gameplay of Rumble Stars Football involve the strategic deployment of these Rumblers. Once you’ve placed them on the field, they’ll play on their own, so it all boils down to who can position their Rumblers more effectively. For example, Striker Tiger will automatically chase after the ball and try to hit a goal, while Lazy Panda will kick the ball hard but stay in position afterwards, defending its spot. Deploying Rumblers use up energy, which fills up over time. Managing your energy to always have a Rumbler ready to deploy all the time is an integral part of the game’s strategy.

If you like lighthearted, wacky looking games that you could play for a couple of minutes per day, get Rumble Stars Football, available in both Android and iOS devices.

1. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter - NetEase

It feels like there’s a new battle royale game being released every couple of months, but always by different developers. But then NetEase Games realized that having just one battle royale game isn’t enough, so they released a new one on top of Rules of Survival. Enter Cyber Hunter: a sci-fi themed battle royale game that takes the genre to places it’s never in before.

Fans loved Rules of Survival partly for being so over-the-top. Cyber Hunter adds more to this, bringing in intense, overpowered weapons that throws balancing out of the window. It also introduced parkour and flying vehicles into the genre, and it works so well even though it’s played on mobile. Also, despite the game’s HD graphics, the game runs smoothly in most current devices. It may just be the best battle royale game for mobile right now, if not overall.

Adding more flavor into the game is its hypercustomizable avatars. Cyber Hunter’s character creation is the most detailed character creator out of all battle royale games. You can change even the contours of the face, apply elaborate makeups, and dress them up with cool wardrobe options.

Cyber Hunter is out in both iOS and Android.