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AllanPogi is Nexplay’s Trump Card for Hearthstone

Nexplay is going all in on its esports teams. The next step in building a successful franchise is to cover more ground. Nexplay’s newest expansion brings it to Azeroth, or kinda. The esports team’s newest member is AllanPogi, UPLB’s Hearthstone maestro. Allan Contaoi has been playing Hearthstone competitively for several years. As such, he has a storied history behind him. Take a look at his most recent achievements in this article and know why AllanPogi fits the Nexplay standard.

AllanPogi’s Top Hearthstone Achievements

  • WCG 2019 Philippine Qualifiers – 2nd Runner Up

AllanPogi’s most recent achievement is his 2nd runner up finish in the WCG 2019 PH Qualifiers. The World Cyber Games is one of the biggest olympic-style esports tournaments in the world. Countries field out their best players in this tournament to compete for medals. AllanPogi outdid dozens of other hopefuls in the qualifiers, but fell short against CaraCute in the semifinals. CaraCute and Chalk would go on to represent the country in the APAC Qualifiers, but both didn’t reach the Main Stage.

  • WESG 2018 PH Qualifier – 2nd Runner Up

AllanPogi’s biggest tournament he’s ever tried joining was the World Electronic Sports Games PH Qualifier. However, WESG 2017 Champion Staz was the one who ended up representing the Philippines in the Grand Stage. Staz finished at the 17th-24th place in the tournament.

Championship Material

Aside from these attempts at international play, AllanPogi’s achievements is also filled with championship finishes in the local scene. Here are some of his top finishes in the recent years when competing locally:

  • ELBI Fireside Gathering 2016
  • PCUBED PH Tournament 2017
  • Channel 8 Online Qualifier 2018
  • Mobile Esports Arena Hearthstone 2018
  • 99-Players Black Claws Challenger Cup

Becoming the best Rogue

Rouge Hearthstone players should be following AllanPogi’s career. AllanPogi plays Tempo Rogue as one of his signature decks. His Tempo Rogue deck has helped him countless times in winning the tournament stated above. Rouge players will definitely learn a lot from AllanPogi’s plays, not from his Tempo Rogue deck, but from all of the decks he use.

AllanPogi’s young career has yet to reach its peak, and Nexplay is committed to helping him reach his full potential. We at Nexplay believe in our players’ full potential. We believe in AllanPogi’s capability to bring home even more wins, not only in the local scene. Soon enough, Allan’s exploits will bring him overseas, and we’ll all be there when that happens.

Hearthstone: The Tavern Brawling Card Game

Hearthstone is the digital collectible card game by Blizzard. It shares its universe with the World of Warcraft, but offers a much lighter tone and attitude. Since 2014, Hearthstone has provided PC, Android and iOS players a card game set in the world of Warcraft, which forces players to always be on their toes. Hearthstone requires much strategizing as it also require individuals to be extremely lucky. Hearthstone’s esports scene is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, that the digital card game genre has.

Learn more about AllanPogi’s exploits in his player profile. Watch AllanPogi’s matches and other Hearthstone streamers through the Nexplay app, which is out on the Google Play Store.