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Black Desert MOBILE Pre-Registration now open!

MMORPG enthusiasts regard Black Desert Online as the most gorgeous MMORPG currently available. Despite first releasing in 2015, it still remains to be the most aesthetically pleasing MMORPG in the market. Thanks to its success, Pearl Abyss released a mobile version of the game in February 2018. However, the game has only been out in Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Thankfully, Pearl Abyss has finally opened the pre-registration for Black Desert MOBILE’s English release.

Black Desert Online comes to Android and iOS

The popular and well-received Black Desert Online is now coming to Android and iOS for English-speaking users. Black Desert Online was first released in 2015 for the PC, where it boasted the best graphics and among one of the best combat systems in all MMORPGs.

Black Desert Online brings players to the land of Valencia, war-torn because of sources of great power called Black Stones. The Valencians and the Calpheonians fight over the resource-rich Black Desert. Your journey takes you to Black Desert, searching for answers and uncovering the secrets of the Black Stones.

Handsome World, Intense Gameplay

Black Desert MOBILE Character Creation
Photo courtesy of onlinegamer.jp

Black Desert Online is lauded for being the most beautiful MMORPG, both in its graphics and its landscapes. It boasts fully-customizable, HD rendered models for your characters. The customization options is so detailed, you can change hair length, width and lengths of limbs and other parts of the body. Character customization comes in the form of five varied classes, which could either be awakened or succeeded. More classes will get ported into the Mobile game as development progresses, which could lead to the full 17 classes available to the PC version.

The game’s combat is where Black Desert absolutely shines. Each class offers a completely unique approach to combat. Unlike other MMORPGs where you do actions with simple clicks of a button, Black Desert Online requires players to memorize combos of their abilities to effectively execute attacks on the enemy. Players also have to manually aim their attacks, meaning senseless button mashing is not an option either. Black Desert requires its players not only effort but a lot of time to master its deep combat system, but rewards them with gratuitous action unparalleled in the genre.

No time to get into the combat system? Black Desert also offers solutions for the casual gamer. Unlike most games, you won’t have to worry about time-limited raids and dungeons. Black Desert’s post-game content is completely PVP in the form of Castle Sieges, where rival guilds try to get a hold of the most territory in the map. There are also Life Skills that you may hone, non-combat abilities that let you explore farming, housing, horse-taming and other pacifistic skills. Black Desert welcomes players of all playstyles, may it be inside or outside of combat.

How to pre-register for Black Desert MOBILE Global Release

Enter the beautiful world of Black Desert MOBILE. Be one of the first people to travel across its majestic scenery and live the life of an adventurer. Pre-registration is now available for both Android and iOS. Pearl Abyss has teased the Global Release of the game to be sometime this 2019.

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