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Apple Arcade is Launching On September 19

In this world, games are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose between all the ones you’d like to play. Too many video games, yet we only have enough money to spend. Thankfully, Apple now offers a solution to iOS gamers. Apple Arcade, announced during Apple’s iPhone 11 launch, is like Playstation Plus for iOS. It will offer Apple-curated games, ad-free and with all in-game purchases unlocked for a monthly fee of $4.99. It will release with a handful of excellent games, and Apple will be adding more to the mix every month.

Apple Arcade Exclusives

Apple Arcade will have hundreds of games upon release, which will be exclusively available for Apple Arcade. Big names like Square Enix, Konami, Sega, and Bandai Namco will develop games for the service. It also has the contributions of star indie companies like Klei Entertainment and Devolver Digital. The games range from all sorts of genres, so there’s a game to be had for all types of gamers. Apple promises that the game catalog will continue to expand, with titles hand-picked by the Apple staff.

Although Apple has revealed over thirty games so far, including Sonic Racing, Beyond a Steel Sky and Shantae and the Seven Sirens, they promise to bring in hundreds of titles to gamers through this service. All games will be Apple Arcade exclusive, so the only way to play them would be through subscription. You will be able to download any of the games in Apple Arcade as long as you’re subscribed, and you’ll be able to play them even while offline.

Play On All iOS Devices

Apple Arcade Promotional Artwork
Apple Arcade will be launched in all Apple devices running on iOS 13 and above.

Mobile gaming isn’t the only service that the Apple Arcade is offering. It’s a multifaceted utility that is accessible through all iOS Devices, including the Apple TV. Apple Arcade will be usable in the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV, as long as they run on iOS 13 and above. Your subscription is also a family-package, with up to six family members sharing one iCloud account. Apple also promises everyone’s privacy will remain protected under this new service, complementing its family-centric subscription model.

Some gamers prefer playing with a gamepad. Thankfully, PS4 DualShock Controllers and XBOX Wireless Controllers will be compatible on the Apple TV. There’s no indication whether or not this feature will appear in devices other than the Apple TV, but Apple can easily introduce this through future updates.

Indie Support

Indie developers pitch in a large chunk of the Apple Arcade collection, and it’s a great way to exhibit their games in a controlled environment. Apple Arcade not only provides a platform for indie developers to showcase their latest creations. They also share in the development costs, working closely with the creators of upcoming titles in bringing their games to the platform.

Launch Schedule In The Horizon

Apple will release Apple Arcade on iOS13 devices on September 19, Thursday, and will have a one month free trial for all users. The subscription will automatically renew after a month and will cost $4.99. It will be available in over 150 countries, including the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The release for iPadOS and tvOS13 devices will follow on September 30, Monday. Apple will release the service on macOS Catalina by this October.

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