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The Nexplay Show with Theo Ignacio

In Nexplay, we don’t just play our passions, we talk about them. There’s so much in gaming and esports that can be discussed, and Nexplay will be contributing to the dialogue through our newest show. The Nexplay Show with Theo Ignacio is a daily podcast for all gamers. It features prominent figures in esports talking about a whole range of topics. Theo also covers gaming news that will interest viewers, keeping everyone up to date to the latest trends in gaming.

Talking About Your Passions

The Nexplay Show brings to you the latest craze, trends, topics and gaming needs. Host Theo “Uomi” Ignacio brings guests through different segments of the show meant to bring out the best insights out of them. In Jibber Jabber, Theo and guests talk about important topics in gaming and esports. Quest You sees guests talking about their lives and careers. Too Afraid To Ask brings out the truth out of the players. Finally, U Laugh U Lose follows the same format as the more popular segment of the similar name. Sometimes, Theo would even challenge his guests in Versus, where he goes head-to-head in games!

There are more other recurring segments you should watch out for while watching the stream. More content gets added in every new episode. We’ve got a lot of stuff planned out for you guys, so stick around and enjoy the show!

Diverse and Prominent Guests

Nexplay Akosi Dogie teaser podcast

To kick things off, The Nexplay Show invited over popular streamer Akosi Dogie. Throughout the past few years, Akosi Dogie gained the support of the Filipino crowd with his streams and strong personality. Undoubtedly, Akosi Dogie has become one of the pillars of the Filipino Gaming Community. During the show’s pilot episode, Akosi Dogie shared his insights on the toxicity prevalent in gaming. Theo and Dogie talked about what to do in the face of toxic players, and what kind of effect it has on the community at large. Topics such as this help widen the discourse on important issues in the gaming community, and having influential guests talk about it helps send the message across.

The podcast will invite a whole slew of prominent guests, which has already included the Nexplay Tempest and Omega teams and Tekken 7 veteran Reyland. The guests have so far imparted valuable knowledge through our podcast, and we will continue the same quality content in streams to come.

The Interactive Podcast

The Nexplay Show is the first gaming podcast to be designed to interact with the community. When we announce our guests on Facebook, we gather the comments from the post. During the actual podcast, Theo and the guests discuss these and react to them. We sustain the conversation by engaging with live comments from our viewers. From there, our guests get from one point to another in a manner that is like having a conversation with the audience. This way, the host and the guests continuously engage with the audience in a natural fashion.

These steps make The Nexplay Show the most interactive gaming podcast out there. It is our hope that through this innovative way of podcasting, we could build the most engaging, active and participative community in gaming. This is one way of achieving our goal of becoming a transformative force in the gaming and esports ecosystem. We hope that our audience agrees and would be part of our mission, even through our podcast.

Catch The Nexplay Show Podcast

The Nexplay Show streams live every weekday at 4 PM UTC+8. Catch Theo and his guests live at fb.gg/NexplayGaming. Tune in on our Facebook page to stay updated about our upcoming guests and topics. Remember to play your passion and spread the good word in gaming.

Also catch Theo Ignacio’s daily stream with his League of Legends squad over at his page, Uomi. He streams every night at 10PM UTC+8.