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Become a Pokemon Master Like Ash on This New Mobile Game

It’s every trainer’s dream to become a Pokemon Master. In fact, Ash Ketchum’s journey to becoming one has led to a twenty-two-year anime series. And finally, after over a thousand episodes, the ten-year-old finally became a Pokemon Master. This happened when he beat the Alola Region champion, thus becoming Alola’s new champion. Although we’ve become Pokemon Masters ourselves over the course of many games, the folks at DeNA has given us another opportunity to follow our dreams. With Pokemon Masters, gamers on Android and iOS can go on a journey on their mobile devices to become the ultimate Pokemon Master, right on their fingertips.

Pokemon Masters on Mobile

Pokemon Masters Reveal Trailer

First announced last May, DeNA finally released Pokemon Masters at the tail-end of August. Players travel to the artificial island called Pasio, where a 3v3 Pokemon tournament is taking place. You as the player will train your own Pokemon, as well as meeting other trainers who will join you as allies. These allies, called Sync Pairs, consist of a trainer and a Pokemon. They accompany you as you complete the main storyline in 3v3 Pokemon battles. Sync Pairs get unlocked as you progress through the story, but they can also be obtained through scouting.

The main story currently has 18 chapters and two interludes. It is already the nature of mobile games nowadays to pad its content with difficulty spikes that require a lot of grinding. But that shouldn’t be an issue for aspiring Pokemon Masters like you! Unlike other mobile games, playing Pokemon Masters doesn’t expend any energy resource that replenishes over time. Your progress in the game is only limited by your determination and strength!

This is no Pokemon Safari

Pokemon Masters promotional wallpaper
Pokemon Masters promotional poster from Pokemon.com

Unlike any other Pokemon game with trainers, Pokemon Masters doesn’t have any wild Pokemon. Instead, all Pokemon are paired up with Trainers as Sync Pairs. To be able to use a different Pokemon, you’ll have to acquire a new Sync Pair, Trainer and all. Thankfully, you get lots of Sync Pairs just from playing the main story. You get more chances to acquire new Sync Pairs from scouting – the game’s gacha component.

All in all, there are a total of 82 Sync Pairs in the game, with more Sync Pairs released through Event Stories and Event Scouts.

Pokemon Masters Strategic Team Building Win Games

With 82 Sync Pairs, there are half a million team combinations to choose from. Mix and match your Sync Pairs to find the best team you could fight with!

In Pokemon Masters, Sync Pairs come in three types: Strike, Support, and Tech. Strike Pairs are focused on offense, Support Pairs are focused on defense and healing, and Tech Pairs are focused on providing status buffs and debuffs. You can easily breeze through the story with just one Strike Pair and two Support Pairs, but Tech Pairs add an extra flair on your game.

Making team combos is also easier because of Pokemon Masters’s simplified unit typing. Each Pokemon still have types and weaknesses. But Pokemon Masters return to the old times when all Pokemon only have one typing. With this simplified approach, Pokemon also only have one type they are weak to. This gives you more leeway to experiment with your team composition. Build your best team with your favorite Pokemon, and forge your own path to the Pokemon League!

Build your all-star Pokemon team in Pokemon Masters, now out on both iOS and Android devices.