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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Playable Demo was in Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show had a lot of treats for gaming fans, especially for Final Fantasy. Followers of the series just keep on getting pampered by Square Enix. After releasing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and teasing us with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix gave us a playable demo of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered. Crystal Chronicles is a hidden gem, and more people will get to play the game with its remaster.

Find Precious Myrrh With Friends In Thrilling Adventures

The Developers have added new voiceovers, enhanced graphics and online multiplayer in the remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles follows the adventures of the Crystal Caravans. In their world, only protective crystals sustain life from a deadly gas called miasma. As part of the Caravan, you will be braving different lands, fighting monsters to find myrrh, a precious liquid mineral that cleanses and maintains the crystal.

The game lets you create a character out of the four available races: Clavat, Selkie, Yuke and Lilty. All four races play differently from each other. Clavats are your jack-of-all-trades, wielding both might and magic as well as soaking up most damage for having high defense. Lilties are the tanky warriors who have the highest attack and defense stats, but are the weakest magic users. Selkies pride themselves with their quick attacks and cunning abilities. Finally, Yukes are the best spellcasters among the bunch, dealing massive damage with their elemental prowess.

The gameplay follows an action RPG formula, with each action mapped to a particular button on the controller. You move from one map to another and complete missions and beat boss monsters in dungeons. Arguably, the best way to play the game is with a friend or two, but it still packs quite a lot of content for the lone gamer.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles allows you to party up with three other friends. Friends can play multiplayer couch co-op, perfect for Friday night hang-outs. Up to four people could play at the same time and take up the different roles to achieve the perfect party composition. Play as one of the four selectable races and find the best gear to complement your playstyle.

Playable Demo at the Tokyo Game Show

Extended Gameplay Demo from the Tokyo Game Show, courtesy of Gematsu

Fans lined up for the extended demo version of the game at the Tokyo Game Show. From it we see that the core gameplay elements of the game as it was released in the Gamecube remain intact. Therefore, the players from the Gamecube edition cane enjoy the same game they did years ago. However, the demo showed improved graphics and sounds, which puts the game up to current standards.

Square Enix has announced that the game will also sport new voice overs, new narrations, new boss battles and extra missions. However, the biggest addition to the Remastered Edition is its online crossplay. You won’t have to worry which console your friend has bought the game because you can all party up regardless. The game bridges opposing parties of the console wars, which allows us to focus on the real enemies: big bad monsters in-game.

The game will also be released on both iOS and Android devices, which means virtually anyone could join in on the fun. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be out on January 23, 2020.