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Mario Kart Tour Will Be Out This Week on Android and iOS!

Mario Kart Tour will be the fourteenth title in the Mario Kart series when it releases on Wednesday, September 25. It brings with itself high expectations from loyal Nintendo fans, and it has a lot of proving to do to all skeptical Nintendo fans. Either way, Mario Kart Tour will be welcomed by a lot of downloads, that’s for sure. It won’t take us long to find out how well Mario Kart translates to mobile, and we’re excited to try it out.

New Features in Mario Kart Tour

The game brings with it brand-new features to the series. Aside from new tracks, Mario Kart Tour will see the debut of new characters. So far, Peachette has been revealed to be part of the game’s roster. New characters might as well find their place in the game, with guest characters from outside the Mario Universe being possible inclusions.

Peachette debuts in Mario Kart Tour
Peachette makes her Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart Tour. Photo courtesy of Nintendo Everything

Mario Kart Tour also introduces new game modes, such as the new challenge courses. In one course, players are given three balloons, like the ones they use in battle mode, and have to make it through a course with at least one balloon. Players would lose balloons when they hit obstacles, get hit by enemies, etc. Other challenge courses will surely find their way to the game in future updates.

But perhaps the biggest addition to the game is each character’s special items. Unlike previous games where the drivers are only different in stats, This game introduces special items, which work like special abilities. Each character will have their own, and the ones revealed so far look like it’ll add more thrill to the game. Take for example Donkey Kong’s special item, which is a giant banana that creates smaller banana peels around it, causing havoc to everyone who might happen to be karting nearby.

Donkey Kong can make races a lot messier with his fruity special ability

Comeback Tour

Mario Kart Tour will also be bringing back some things that may be familiar to longtime fans of the series. These comebacks aren’t just from the latest home console release – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. They go way back, like the Wii era. Diddy Kong returns as a playable character in Mario Kart Tour, marking his first appearance since Mario Kart Wii. His special ability is a mega cannon that fires bananas, which is very much in character for Diddy Kong.

Diddy Kong is back, and he means Monkey Business!

There are also a ton of courses, characters, karts and gliders that will make a return to the game. Most items will likely return to, including some items from Double Dash. However, the items from Double Dash will only reappear here as special items for select characters.

Fans have many more to look forward to in Mario Kart Tour. It’ll be a duck hunt for easter eggs and references you could find in-game.

Big Time Series, Small Device

Mario Kart Tour marks the first time that the Mario Kart series will go on mobile. It has been in consoles since the release of Super Mario Kart on September 1992 for the SNES, with a total of six games for home consoles. It’s not the first time Mario Kart has gone handheld, as it’s been in the GBA, NDS, and the 3DS handheld systems for a total of three times. Mario Kart has also been a popular driving game in arcade stores, with a total four cabinets to its name.

Having sold more than a hundred million copies worldwide, the series puts a lot on the shoulders of its mobile adaptation. There are skeptics, of course, as it is for any mobile game series that moves to mobile. But Nintendo has made it work for their other titles, such as Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem and the much more recent Pokemon Masters, so it’s not hard to imagine Mario Kart Tour succeeding as well. We only have a few more days before we find out.

Race through Mushroom Kingdom and around the world when Mario Kart Tour comes out on Android and iOS devices.