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V4 – NEXON’s new Mobile MMORPG releases this November

Manufacturers are making stronger mobile devices by the hour, making it possible for high-end games to release on mobile. This coming November 7, NEXON will release V4, an MMORPG built using Unreal Engine 4. NEXON promises that the game will feature high-fidelity graphics and deep combat and gameplay elements. This means, however, that only the strongest smartphones can run this game. Take a peek on what V4 is all about.

Six Offense-Focused Classes in PvP Environment

V4 features six available classes players could choose from. They are dubbed as devil hunters in the game’s lore.

The Warlord class has high DPS and is a straightforward damage-dealer. He deals more damage as his health gets low, so get smashing with his mallet when the situation gets rough.

The Knight balances offense and defense. Armed with sword and shield, the knight increases her attack and defense stats as she receives damage.

The Magician nukes her enemies with powerful spells. Her damage increases as she lands her spells consecutively.

The fourth class, the Blader, focuses on melee-combo fury. The Blader wields a two-handed sword in one hand, and a short sword in the other. This allows the Blader to follow up his successful attacks with even more devastating swings of his blade.

The evasive Gunslinger allows players to shoot from afar while keeping themselves out of harm’s way by using dodge-related skills. The Gunslinger opens up wounds and charges up her damage the more she hits her enemies.

The final class is the Axler, which is adept in both close-ranged and mid-ranged combat. The Axler wields an axe attached at the head of a shotgun. Her deep battle system is recommended for advance-skilled players.

These six classes will have deep customization options, both in their appearance and their skill trees. An advanced “Devil Chaser’s Mode” acts as an “awakened” version of each class. The developers specifically didn’t make any support roles for the classes to focus on offense-oriented gameplay. This fits well in a game that has no built-in party systems, has a permanently active PK system, and revolves around large-scale PvP battles.

Large Scale Battles With Inter-Server Feature

V4 Inter-server feature in play (courtesy of MMO Culture)

NEXON promises an unprecedented scale for V4. Just like other MMOs, players will choose a server when booting up the game. But these servers are not completely cut-off from each other. NEXON developed the “inter-server” feature, which will allow players from different servers to interact with each other in-game. This includes battling with and against each other, trading, and exploring battlefields together. Players’ Guilds will remain connected to one primary server, but inter-guild battles could also occur across multiple servers.

With fifty planned servers at launch, NEXON is setting a high target for themselves. The development team is aiming to support up to 5,000 players for each server, for about 250,000 players targeted at the game’s release.

Epic Boss Battles in Boss Raids For Rare Loot

A Guild System is in place, which allows PvE-focused players to still go out on boss raids with friends and guildmates. Thankfully, the boss battles in V4 seems very exciting, with epic-sized monsters taking on hundreds of players at the same time.

The chaos of battle will be hard for any soldier to handle, that’s why V4 will introduce the Commander Mode for both boss raids and PvP Guild battles. Commander Mode allows the guild leader to have a strategic view of the battle, allowing them to coordinate tactical maneuvers with their guildmates to turn the tide of battle.

Defeating these bosses will award players with powerful equipment and items. The loot you get from boss battles can be sold in the game’s secondary market. The game allows you to set any price for any of your items for sale. However, it’s unclear whether real-life money would be involved in the secondary market. The game’s economy also include unique mounts like giant penguins, thoroughbred horses, and many more.

Pre-Registration Now Open

V4 Gunslinger

You can find out more about V4 and pre-register on their website. However, the game is available in Korean only for the moment. But the developers have the game set for a global release sometime soon after. The Korean release will test out the game’s performance and will allow the developers to fine-tune the game to become compatible with weaker devices. You can head over to the game’s Google Play Store page for more details regarding its release.

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