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Call of Duty Mobile Will Have Controller Support

We included Call of Duty Mobile in our 5 New Android and iOS games this October article, which you could read here if you still haven’t. Indeed, the mobile game is as much-anticipated as its console brethren Modern Warfare. People waiting for this game will be relieved that the game will have controller support. This means you won’t have to sacrifice accuracy for mobility in playing what could be the best FPS game on mobile this year.

Call of Duty Mobile Set To Outflank Competition

Activision ambitiously sets the game to take on all other FPS games in the mobile market. The game will have the familiar multiplayer maps veterans know and love from the console games. Multiple modes are available for play, including Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Free-For-All. With its top-tier graphics, fluid gameplay and mechanics, Call of Duty Mobile might outshine all other FPS games currently available.

Iconic characters will be playable in the game, allowing you to get into action as Soap MacTavish. You may also customize the dozens of guns available to your liking, with full control on your weapon loadout. Call of Duty Mobile will satisfy veterans with these familiar inclusions, but also adds enough novel ideas to keep things fresh.

Call of Duty Mobile Screenshot

This includes the game’s Battle Royale mode. Up to 100 players will simultaneously go up each other’s throats in a bid to become the last man standing. Players will be able to experience combat in all sorts of terrain: land, air, and sea. Try evading the shrinking circle with a whole array of vehicles, including ATVs, tactical rafts and chopper planes. With these features, Call of Duty Mobile is seeking to compete against successful battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Rules of Survival.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait, as the game finally releases today.

Where to Download Call of Duty Mobile

Activision will release the game on both Android and iOS devices. Due to the game’s high specs, mid-range smartphones might find difficulty running it. Be sure to check the Google Play Store and Apple Store pages for more details regarding compatibility.

How to Stream Call of Duty Mobile

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