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Nexplay Predator to Establish Dominance in Mobile with New Deal!

Leading gaming brand Predator inks a brand-new partnership with Nexplay Enterprise Technologies.

Nexplay has been busy in the past few years delivering a transformative experience for gamers with its mobile streaming app. Partnering with them is Predator, the gaming line of the multinational electronics company Acer. Predator have given gamers superb experience through their cutting-edge laptops and top-of-line computers.

Signed and sealed!

Nexplay and Predator signing

The deal has been signed and sealed by the CEO of Nexplay, Gabriel Benito. He was joined by Predator Gaming, headed by the Product Manager for Gaming, Bryan Dy. Through this partnership, Predator aims to take over the mobile esports and gaming industries. Having given access to Nexplay’s wide array of talents and resources, Predator will penetrate the ever-growing mobile gaming market.

It’s both humbling and a source of pride to be chosen by an industry leader like Acer to be their partner. Humbling because it’s apparent how our startup still has a lot to do to be able to reach the same level that our partner is currently in. But at the same time, it’s a source of pride, being chosen by Acer despite being new in the industry shows that our vision is valid and that we’ve been treading the right path in the company’s few years of existence. We hope that this partnership will not only help Nexplay and Acer to achieve each others’ goals but also help gamers achieve their dreams.” – Gabriel Benito, CEO of Nexplay

In the realm of esports, only one will emerge victorious

Predator League 2020 Reveal
Predator League 2020 Grand Finals Reveal – courtesy of adobotech.net

Predator Gaming is a well-known brand in the esports industry. For the past three years, Acer has been consistent in its support for its community. Predator hones the skills of grassroots teams, making them battle-ready even against the toughest of pros. The Predator Pan Asia Pacific Tournament, or Predator League, develops talents from across more than 17 regions. With over 3,500 teams last year, Predator League prides itself as one of the biggest international independent esports circuits.

Predator League 2020 will continue Acer’s tradition of competitive gaming. With a prize pool of $400,000, Predator League 2020 is bigger than ever. With more teams expected to join this year, Acer’s goal to invigorate the esports scene proves to be successful. This year’s tournament will see Asia’s best PUBG and Dota 2 teams. Various countries will hold qualifier tournaments, culminating to an international Grand Finals this February in the MoA Arena, Philippines.

Innovative, Powerful, Savvy

Predator Thronos

Predator’s courting of the esports and gaming community isn’t just hollow lip-service. Acer’s gaming line backs up its claim that it’s the definitive brand for gaming. Not only do they produce powerful machines to fuel every gamer’s dreams; they also have innovative products that push the boundaries of gaming. No wonder it received the much-coveted Red Dot Award, a badge of honor reserved for the best-designed products there is.

The Predator Thronos delivers everything that a gamer desires – an immersive experience with a three-display gaming set-up. Armed with the Predator Orion 9000, the Thronos can run every game there is and lets makes you a part of the game’s environment. Players have complete control of their captain’s seat – allowing them to play games at any angle, configuration, or settings. No other product could hold a candle to this kind of experience.

Its top-of-line models for laptops include the Helios 500 and the Triton 700. Both laptops are ideal for the heavy gamer on-the-go. For those wanting heavier builds, the Predator 21x can easily replace any gaming desktop you have, with added mobility, and make you never look back to your stationary gaming experience.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Predator has undoubtedly affected many changes in the gaming industry and is a driving force for the advancement of the gamer experience. With Predator’s partnership with Nexplay, more exciting things are about to come. Nexplay’s specialty in the mobile realm will help augment Predator’s efforts in the whole industry. Just like how our partners would like to say: the best is yet to come.

It hasn’t been that long since we started our quest to transform the gaming landscape for the better. This partnership only serves to fuel our drive even more. Watch out how this deal will help the future builds of our products, and allow our talents to create better content for their fans and the Nexplay community.

In the meantime, you could check out Acer’s products on their website, and look at their Predator Gaming line as well. Then follow their Facebook page to be in the know for upcoming promotions and events. Want to answer their esports challenge? You could still sign-up for the qualifiers at www.predator-league.com.
Head on to Nexplay.gg to learn more about our company, and try out our multi-platform all-in-one streaming app at the Google Play Store.