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Minecraft Earth Early Access Starts This October 2019

Minecraft Earth early access is finally coming to us this month. There’s a lot of talk behind this game, with much-anticipation on its potential with Augmented Reality technologies. Minecraft Earth has been available in Closed Beta in select cities around the world, so we have had short glimpses of the game through beta testers. Continue reading this article to get up to date.

Get Creative in Real Life

Minecraft Earth promotional image

Minecraft Earth lets players take their creative geniuses out of the voxel world into the real one. It’s often compared to Niantic’s Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as it shares AR elements with those games. However, unlike those two games, Mojang’s AR game will focus more on community building. Like, literal communities building things together.

Just like in the original game, players collect resources, craft tools, explore the world and build structures. There will also be mobs that are unique to Minecraft Earth, making the game’s populace somewhat different from the original game, keeping the palate fresh. Crafting items take time, with diamond pickaxes taking 8 real world hours to create. This could be sped up using the game’s currency, called rubies. Players could purchase rubies using cash, but they could be acquired gradually through quests and missions.

The structures you make with others are made on “community plates.” Meanwhile, everything else you create are visible only to you. The structures you make on your own are shareable to your friends, so it still pays to be creative.

Go On Adventures With Your Friends

The current beta build is still limited in its implementation of the full Minecraft experience. Apart from gathering resources and crafting tools, there’s nothing much to do yet. However, the developers have teased us with an Adventure Mode, where you’d be able to meet with other players and explore together. It will still take some time before the full Minecraft experience could migrate to AR, but the Mojang team is slowly implementing changes to this new game.

The developers are not shy in telling us what else they have in store for the game. They stated that the game will be conscious of environmental contexts. For example, the game would be aware of trees, electric poles, and monuments, among other things. This helps the game determine what kind of areas are appropriate for building, and it even will allow players to build on some permanent fixtures – like building on top of trees.

How to Get Into Minecraft Earth Early Access

The exact date for Minecraft Earth Early Access is still under covers. But if you want to be one of the people to have a taste of the Minecraft Earth Early Access, head on over to its Google Play Store page to pre-register. The game will soon be available for both Android and iOS devices.

Mojang hasn’t revealed an exact release date yet. However, they’ve ascertained that the game will be completely free-to-play, with optional in-game purchases. Minecraft Earth Early Access will be globally available later this month. Keep your eyes peeled.