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PS5 release revealed; Features of Sony’s Next-gen console

It’s been months since the PlayStation 5 was officially confirmed, and it’s just about time Sony’s next-generation console’s release to be revealed. The exact PS5 release date isn’t sure yet, but the console will be coming out during the Holidays of 2020. That’s a full year from now, and we can’t get anymore excited. You want to know why? Then take a look at these features:

Modern Consoles Require Modern Tech Specs

PS5 render based off a patent
The purported look of the upcoming PS5 (or its development kit), according to a render based off a filed patent by Sony. Image Courtesy of LetsGoDigital

The PS5 release isn’t going to disappoint people, especially the tech nuts who care all about the specs. Last October, the current version of the PS5 build was first revealed. It will make use of AMD’s Ryzen with the 7 nm Zen 2 build. It will have 8 cores/16 threads, and will launch with a Radeon Navi-family GPU. Thanks to its graphics card, the PS5 will be capable of real-time ray-tracing rendering.

The PS5 releases with a customized SSD, designed to make games load faster and to allow for a smoother gaming experience. The SSD helps in displaying video on 8k resolution graphics, making games as beautiful as ever. Games, shipped in 100GB Blu-Ray discs, will be read through the PS5’s integrated Ultra HD Blu-ray, which supports 4K Blu-Ray video. The PS5 will install these games to the SSD to utilize faster load times and bigger bandwith, but users will be able to control just how much of the game would be installed.

Feel Full Control

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
A wireless DualShock 4 Controller. The DS4 will be revamped for the PS5, with improved controls, battery life and innovative haptic feedback technology.

The changes in a console’s internal hardware often remain unnoticed. But what gamers will not be able to ignore is its peripherals. The PlayStation 5 will have new Dualshock controllers. Meant to give players a sense of full control and immersion, the new Dualshock provides for a more tactile experience. Players will be able to appreciate the controllers’ improved feedback. Sony arms the controller with new technology. The Dualshock will have strong haptic feedback through voice coil actuators, which will make the vibrations for crashing against a wall inside a car feel different for the vibrations for getting tackled on a football field.

Along with the improved tactile feedback, the Dualshock will also receive pressure-programmable shoulder buttons. This will change the pressure required to squeeze the L2 and R2 buttons depending on context. For example, drawing the string of a bow will require more pressure, which should give a more immersive control experience for the player. In terms of performance, the Dualshock will have USB-C connectivity, an improved battery life, and an improved controller speaker.

Flawless Transition

For loyal users of Sony’s systems, the transition from the PS4 to the PS5 is meant to be ‘soft’. PS4 games will be compatible on the PS5, and VR titles will also be compatible with the new console. The PS5 will have an updated user interface, but will retain Sony’s distinct look and feel. The PS5 will become the new home for Sony’s playerbase, and gamers should find no trouble migrating by the time it arrives on shelves next holiday season.