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Digimon ReArise Brings the Focus Back to Bonding With Your Digital Pets

A new adventure awaits you in this new game by Bandai Namco. Digimon ReArise puts you in the middle of a strange conflict: the real, human world is merging with the digital world of Digimon. You must join forces with Digimon to find out what’s causing this, and hopefully find a solution. But get yourself ready to face tough challenges: the road ahead is perilous.

The World Spirals Out Of Control!

Digimon ReArise’s premise finds the Digimon Pusurimon starting to live on your smartphone. Pusurimon and you grow closer each day it resides within your phone, and you eventually build a bond with each other. However, corrupted Digimon called Spirals suddenly appear and attack you. Pusurimon digivolves into Herissmon to protect you, and the two of you beat the assailants. Surviving narrowly, you decide to investigate this strange occurence, and thus starts your adventure in the world of Digimon.

Build Up Your Digimon with Stronger Bonds

Digimon ReArise In-game footage

Digimon ReArise focuses on your relationships with Digimon, as your digital pets grow stronger the deeper your relationship with them gets. You collect various Digimon and keep them in a ranch-like base, where you get to do fun activities with them outside of battle.

As your bonds grow stronger, so do your Digimon’s fighting capabilities. And so, you and your Digimon become more capable of taking on the Spirals the longer you spend time together. However, strong Spirals appear from time to time, testing your resolve and your bonds with your Digimon. But no challenge is insurmountable when you believe in each other – so raise your Digimon with care and beat even the toughest of foes!

Download Digimon ReArise and Stream with Nexplay

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Making friends is just as important in real life as it does in the digital world. With the Nexplay app, you could forge bonds with other gamers and your audience alike. Show them how you form bonds in Digimon ReArise, which is now available in both Android and iOS devices. Download the Nexplay app from the Google Play Store and start streaming now.