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Fortnite Chapter 2 launch is the best time to start playing Fortnite

After being devoured by a huge black hole, Fortnite returns with a fresh start. The Battle Royale game manages to reinvent itself, in a genre that’s been lacking of inspiration lately. For those who have yet to try the game or have stopped playing for a while, Fortnite Chapter 2 should be your launching pad for a fun battle royale experience.

Struck by a Meteor, Ravaged by a Black Hole

Epic Games announced that an in-game event called “The End” is coming on October 13. This comes towards the end of Season 10, roughly 30 months after the game was released. Epic Games is known for their over-the-top in-game events, including one where giant monsters fight over the battlefield. Still, no one would have expected what could be the ballsiest server reset ever for an online game.

As the clock ticked towards the fateful date, players who happened to be online witnessed a meteor crash into the game’s map. This was followed by a Black Hole devouring the whole game world. In the end, all that remained was nothingness, and the player drifting into space.

No more Frills

Over the course of its ten seasons, Fortnite reinvented and reinvented. More features, items, and gimmicks were added into the game as time went by. Too much additions eventually muddled the game, though, and Fortnite became overburdened by a bunch of unnecessary mechanics.

Fortnite Chapter 2 will bring the game back to its roots, eliminating all of its the unnecessary frills. From the overwhelming selection of guns that players could have, the game returns to just the essentials: SMGs, shotguns, rifles, and rocket launchers. There’s a brand new bazooka that heals your teammates, but that’s about all with regards to new weapons.

Core mechanics have also been reworked to improve already-established mechanics. You can now carry downed allies to carry them to safety, before reviving them once you’re out of a sniper’s aims. You can also do the same on fallen enemies, take them away from their allies, and throw them down a ravine to their doom.

Improved Quality of Life

Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a lot of new mechanics
Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a lot of new mechanics. Photo courtesy of Mashable

Fortnite Chapter 2 also comes with a lot of quality of life improvements. These subtle changes improve the game overall, but can sometimes be easy to miss. Probably the biggest change is the ability to queue to a new game when you die without having to return to the lobby. This change saves a lot of time and hassle.

Fortnite’s new season also brings in some wacky features that also help improve the game overall. Water is introduced in the game, which can be traversed through some light swimming – although you can’t dive down into the depths. Swimming also feels like a breeze, unlike other Battle Royale games. You could literally swim like a dolphin in this game, with pretty easy controls, too.

The map has been updated, and they made exploring it exciting. At first, all locations on the map are shrouded by fog. You’re incentivized to explore the new map’s locations, as you earn rewards for discovering new points of interest. These points of interests are also dotted with weapon workstations, where you could use resources to upgrade your guns to the next rarity. Remember this information, as finding rare weapons now is harder than ever, so upgrading the guns you find will become an essential part of the game.

Finally, the most important but least noticeable update is the game’s improved matchmaking system. You are now more likely to queue with people of your same skill and experience levels, with some bot inclusions at the lower levels of the game.

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