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Akosi Dogie buyout by Nexplay Esports – Akosi Dogie now part of Nexplay

Nexplay expands its reach in the esports industry by acquiring one of its biggest stars. The Akosi Dogie buyout comes right before Nexplay’s partnership with Predator Gaming. These two developments make Nexplay’s stake in esports has never been bigger.

Akosi Dogie Buyout Builds Both Parties

Akosi Dogie Facebook Banner

The buyout brings three teams under the Nexplay banner. Aether Esports, ML o Ako, and Predator Solid will now play as Nexplay teams. They now join the organization’s roster of talents, players and professional teams. With Nexplay, all three teams would cater to a bigger audience. Therefore, moving forward, Aether Esports and ML o Ako will play as Nexplay Aether, Nexplay Predator ML o Ako.

Additionally, 5 talents will be joining Nexplay’s talent pool. These are Chix Ni Dogie, Weigibbor Labos, Mavsvyyy, Nakilhead, and KingFB. The Nexplay app helps connect streamers to their fans. The app will definitely help them in growing their audience further.

The Akosi Dogie buyout means his teams and talents will all now represent the Nexplay banner. Nexplay believes in the potential that lies in every gamer, and Akosi Dogie embodies what a successful gamer is like. Therefore, Akosi Dogie fits right in Nexplay, where everyone plays their passion, achieves their goals, and make an impact in the esports community.

Who Is Akosi Dogie?

For those unfamiliar, here’s a quick primer on who could be the biggest ML:BB star there is. Akosi Dogie’s metrics speak for themselves: 2.6 million followers on Facebook, 2.6 subscribers on Youtube, and 350k Instagram followers. All of these numbers show the streamer’s popularity, who only started his career in esports no more than three years ago.

Akosi Dogie’s charm lies in his humor and his ability to relate to his fans. His meteoric rise shows how relatable his content is to his viewers. He captured the attention of gamers and kept them tuning in. His fun-loving attitude, antics, and interactions with other influencers help cement Akosi Dogie’s place in the gaming community.

Previously, Akosi Dogie was a guest on Nexplay’s platforms at the pilot episode of The Nexplay Show with Theo Ignacio. In this episode, Akosi Dogie talked about toxicity in the community, his background, and how he built a career out of gaming.

Akosi Dogie plays Mobile Legends, streaming live on Facebook, with replays and vlogs on his Youtube channel.

Stream like Dogie with the Nexplay App

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We believe in the capabilities of gamers. Trough Nexplay, gamers are empowered by the app’s technological marvels in achieving their streaming dreams. The Nexplay app is the premier livestreaming app for mobile games. The app’s user-friendly design ensures that it’s efficient, fun to use, and could provide for every streamer’s needs. Therefore, with Nexplay, everyone could follow Akosi Dogie’s footsteps.

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