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Nexplay Predator Booth Is Coming to ESGS 2019!

The Nexplay Predator Booth is coming to ESGS 2019! This comes right after the signing of Nexplay Predator and the company’s acquisition of Akosi Dogie. Nexplay continues to expand its reach in the esports community, this time by having its booth for the very first time at ESGS. What’s in the Nexplay Predator Booth that attendees of ESGS could look forward to? Read on and find out.

Play Games and Get Ready for the Next Battle

A booth in a gaming convention naturallyhave games. Therefore, the Nexplay Predator booth will have lots of games for ESGS-goers. There will be a bunch of mini-games, but the true highlight would be the Tekken casual matches. Convention-goers could take on challenging opponents all day at the Nexplay Predator booth. Gamers might even get the chance to play against Nexplay talents Rey, Haji, and Jaynine, who will be attending the event under the Nexplay Predator banner.

Win Awesome Prizes In Giveaways and Raffles

Be sure to stick around the Nexplay Predator booth, as we will be giving exciting prizes to some luck gamers. You could register for our daily raffles as early as the gates open, so be there early. There will be three draws throughout each day, so don’t go too far away from our booth. At the end of the day, one grand prize will be given away. Be sure that you’re around when your name gets called to claim your prize!

Meet and Play With Your Favorite Players, Talents, and Streamers

The ESGS is the place to be for every gamer and esports fan in the Metro, including us. Get the chance to brush shoulders with the Nexplay Predator pro teams, talents, and streamers. You shouldn’t miss the chance to play with them in person. Talents from Nexplay’s Akosi Dogie acquisition, like Chix Ni Dogie, KingFB, and Akosi Dogie himself will be there as well. Nexplay teams like Nexplay Team Aether, Nexplay Tempest, and Nexplay Alpha will be there to mingle with their fans and the community. There will even be community matches between our teams and select audience members, so don’t miss out on the fun!

The Best is Yet To Come

Nexplay ESGS 2018 booth
Acer Predator’s ESGS Booth in 2018 brought out the big guns with a two-floor set-up and all the best devices in the convention center in just one place.

If last year’s ESGS would be any indication, the Nexplay Predator booth wouldn’t be anything short of awesome. Last year’s set-up had a second floor for Predator’s VR set-up, which gave event-goers the chance to try out this next-generation technology. It also featured Predator’s state-of-the-art laptops and computers. Predator also flexed their cool merchandise, which they gave out as giveaways to all participants of their activities.

This year’s booth will even be better, because the best is yet to come. With Nexplay joining forces with Predator, the PC gaming world and the mobile gaming world will unite, bringing in a community bigger than most. The Nexplay Predator will bring in more cool prizes, activities, and meetups to ESGS-goers. For esports fans, this year’s booth will also be the venue for one of Predator League 2019’s Dota 2 legs. There are more surprises awaiting gamers in this year’s booth, so don’t you dare miss it! Come over and join in on the fun, and become part of the Nexplay Predator family.