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LOL Mobile Announced During League’s 10 Year Anniversary

Popular MOBA game League of Legends will be coming to Android and iOS devices soon. LOL Mobile, as it is called by many, was announced by Riot during the game’s 10 Year Anniversary celebration. Riot gave the upcoming game the name “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, and will be coming to consoles as well.

Twin Stick Gaming

As expected, League’s full mechanics are too complex for a 1:1 conversion to LOL Mobile. Instead, Wild Rift will have a simplified take of the MOBA game. Controls have been converted to twin-stick gameplay, much like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Riot also reworked most skills to fit this control scheme, but the ideas behind the abilities are still there. Transitioning from PC to mobile shouldn’t be too confusing then, and learning the ropes won’t take much time.

To simplify the mechanics, Riot put the level cap of champions to Level 15, and you get access to your ultimate as early as Level 5. Champions will now target minions automatically for their auto-attacks. Last hitting still gives additional gold, but all nearby minions will give gold upon death. These changes lead to a quicker game overall, with games ranging from 15-20 minutes to completion.

Summoners gone wild

The iconic Summoner’s Rift was also reworked into the Wild Rift. The map looks almost the same at first, but some essential changes took place. The biggest change would be the lack of turrets and inhibitors surrounding the Nexus. This makes defending lanes much more important, as losing your towers would expose your Nexus. Near the towers, there are plants that act like health power-ups. You pick them up, and you gain some life.

Probably one of the most strategic changes on the map is the addition of ward zones. It would no longer be necessary to purchase wards from the shop. Instead, there are specific points on the map where wards exist. These ward zones will provide vision for the team that controls them. To take control of a ward zone, a player from one team should stand on the ward zone for a set period of time.

Starter Champions

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Unfortunately, not all champions will be available right from the start. Out of League of Legend’s 145 pool, LOL Mobile will start with just 40. Out of the 40, there are currently 22 champions confirmed for LOL Mobile:

  1. Shyvana
  2. Master Yi
  3. Alistar
  4. Ahri
  5. Jinx
  6. Soraka
  7. Vayne
  8. Jax
  9. Ziggs
  10. Garen
  11. Vi
  12. Ezreal
  13. Fiora
  14. Fizz
  15. Annie
  16. Nasus
  17. Lux
  18. Miss Fortune
  19. Orianna
  20. Ashe
  21. Twisted Fate
  22. Nami

Rank Reset

Since Wild Rift is going to be a different game than League of Legends. Therefore, any progress in League of Legends will not carry over to Wild Rift. That means players will have to buy all the skins they want, even if they already have them on the PC game. But knowing how mobile games work, there’s bound to be a lot of grinding involved, with lots of opportunity to earn free stuff when playing on a regular basis.

Play Wherever

Wild Rift is currently in Closed Beta, and pre-registration is available on the Google Play Store. The game will also soon be available on iOS. Following the game’s mobile release, Riot will also bring Wild Rift to PS4, XBOX One and the Nintendo Switch. Also, in case anyone’s wondering, Garena will have no hand in the game’s distribution in Southeast Asia anymore. Riot plans to distribute Wild Rift – along with the other games they announced so far – all by themselves.

Just Part of a Package

LOL Mobile is just one of the many bombshell announcements Riot Games made during the celebration of LOL’s 10th anniversary. Check out our other article on League’s other upcoming games. Follow LOL Mobile’s latest news on their official website here. Of course, don’t forget to stream the game when it comes out with the Nexplay app.