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Nexplay PUBG is the newest pro team in the block!

The Nexplay esports roster expands again, this time to PUBG. The Nexplay PUBG team joins as Nexplay continues to explore new avenues in esports. Read more here to learn more about our newest squad!

Meet Nexplay PUBG’s team members

Photo Credit: UHD Pixel

Nexplay PUBG, formerly Team Ravage, is composed of Captain PizzaFPS, Kohi, MANANABASPH, and Narpim. Although the team has only been together for four months, bonds between individual players run deep. PizzaFPS and Kohi were teammates in Team DPT. Together, they were able to qualify for the Predator League 2019 Philippine Finals. MANANABASPH and Narpim were two of PizzaFPS’s and Kohi’s past rivals. Their experience fighting each other in the battlefield gave both parties immense respect for each other. Recognizing their talents and the potential they have if they joined forces, they teamed up to form Team Ravage. And now, they play under the Nexplay PUBG banner, where they aim to become Philippines’ best.

Between Nexplay PUBG’s team members is a total game time of over 10,000 hours. This combined experience gives the team an edge in battle. They have unparalleled insight in the game, making them capable to execute tactical maneuvers across the map. This early in the team’s career, they’ve already achieved a great milestone: qualify for the Predator League 2020 Philippine Finals. There are greater things to come for this budding team as they go along the Nexplay Way.

Team Captain PizzaFPS

Leading the pack is their captain, PizzaFPS, who serves as the team’s anchor and in-game leader. Having experienced leadership roles before, PizzaFPS brings his expertise to his new team. With thousands of hours spent on the battlefield, he learned all the guns and roles there is in PUBG. He is also able to mentor his teammates on these roles, shaping them into better players, with an emphasis on teamwork and chemistry.


Kohi is a young star and a former teammate of PizzaFPS in Team DPT. Together, they’ve achieved a lot. PizzaFPS believes in Kohi’s potential, and entrusts him with his knowledge in-game. Kohi steps up when there’s an opportunity, but the player still has to earn a lot of experience under his belt. Under the Nexplay team, Kohi will surely reach his full potential, and become one of the country’s leading eathlete.


A mercenary for hire, MANANABASPH finally decides to stay permanently on a single team. He lent his skills to Tambayan Internet and Gaming Shop during AOC’s Battle of Visionaries Philippine Finals, and mostly stayed as a stand-in for many teams before joining Team Ravage. A showman at heart, MANANABASPH is comfortable showing off his skills while streaming. While he’s still developing his audience, he will surely benefit from Nexplay’s resources. With the support of the platform, MANANABASPH’s name will resound throughout the country as one of the Philippine’s most skilled players.


Narpim could be considered as the team’s mentor. Ha has many years of gaming under his belt, playing longer than PUBG’s been around. Narpim has extensive competitive experience in FPS. He has even played competitively in Special Force 2. Having played in Team ANBU, G1 Esports, Team Ravage, and now, Nexplay PUBG, Narpim brings to the table invaluable experience he had in different battlefields.