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GameClub offers classic mobile games at the price of Apple Arcade

GameClub promises to deliver the best mobile games ever made for a monthly subscription fee equal to Apple Arcade’s.

Tech entrepreneur GameClub launched its gaming library just a month after the release of Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. However, instead of focusing on new titles, GameClub differentiates itself by offering tried-and-tested games to its market.

App Store Favorites

The GameClub app is your gateway to the subscription service. The app also serves as a hub for all of the activities by GameClub.

Unlike Apple Arcade and the Google Play Pass, the GameClub offers a deeper service when it comes to its offerings. For example, the app offers editorials about the games in its selection, complete with in-depth reviews, guides, and strategies. The app benefits from the fact that the games aren’t exactly new. It’s only natural that these additional services could be made available to its users.

At its initial launch, GameClub served half of the hundreds of games they have to offer in their library. GameClub will be adding more games throughout the next couple of weeks.

Late to the Race

The GameClub was first released back in early September, but the company has been in the works since 2018. Thus, GameClub, and the idea behind offering a collection of games for a monthly fee, actually predates both Google Play Pass’ and Apple Arcade’s announcements.

The issues “free-to-play” models have raised in the gaming industry inspired the idea behind GameClub’s business model.

“I was seeing all these amazing game developers leave mobile because the types of games they make are not the types of games that monetize through in-app purchases and ads,” says Dan Sherman, GameClub’s CEO. “A lot of companies make a lot of money through a very small number of genres and game experiences — to the exclusion of a lot of other types of genres that GameClub is bringing back — action, adventures, arcade, tower defense — anything that can be completed.”

This kind of environment leads to stagnation, where we see the same kinds of games over and over again in the app market, he says.

However, GameClub was just late to the race, as it released its gaming subscription program just a month after the release of its competitors.

GameClub’s founders are still optimistic that the service could stand out in spite of the big names it has to compete with. Its collection of older classics that still hold up in today’s market is the app’s strong point.

The app is currently available only in the Apple App Store. The subscription service is available for $4.99 a month, which comes with a thirty-day free trial.