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Underlords Big Update Introduce Massive Changes

Underlords is the legitimate heir of the game that spawned the auto battler genre. However, Underlords and the other auto battler games have so far been identical to each other. There hasn’t been a big defining factor that differentiates these games from each other apart from the coat of paint and characters used.

This changes with the latest update for Underlords. Dubbed as the “Underlords Big Update”, Valve’s auto-battler finally can call itself its own game. With new features and quality-of-life improvements, Underlords poises itself to take over the auto battler market once and for all.

Introducing the Underlords

Nexplay Underlords

Valve took their sweet time before they introduced the game’s titular characters. The Underlords are basically crime lords who see an opportunity out of the chaos transpiring in White Spire, the game’s location. They vie to become White Spire’s authoritative voice, filling the void left behind by the previous matron of White Spire. However, the four Underlords will have to contest against each other, having the need to eliminate all competition before they can call White Spire their own.

After a long wait, two out of the four Underlords finally show themselves: Annesix and Hobgen.

Gameplay-wise, the Underlords act like a hero-unit with unique abilities and talents. They gain hype over time, which they use to cast their spells, either to buff their allies or to eradicate their foes. Two people picking the same Underlord will have a very different experience, as the Underlords have a total of 22 talents which they could learn throughout the course of one game.

The Underlords introduce yet another strategic layer in Underlords’ gameplay. This might just be the deepest auto-battler there is so far, folks. It’s just about to get deeper soon when the rest of the Underlords, Enno and Jull decide to join in on the fun.

You and I against the world

The new update also introduces a Duos mode. You and a friend could team up to go against seven other teams. The gameplay is mostly the same, with an added ability to share hero pieces and gold with each other. Combat works the same way, with each player going against another player in the game. The round damage you incur will add up for each round. Beware of this, as your team shares the same health bar.

Duos is currently available only in casual matches, although Valve plans to introduce the mode in ranked play sometime soon.

Sandbox Mode

A sandbox mode is now available for your experimentation needs. Place heroes and neutral creeps on the board as if you are placing them in a regular game. Place also the adversary that they will be facing. With one click of a button, you can now simulate how these units will interact in combat. Mix and match to find the ideal combination of heroes, and become better at playing Underlords!

With another click of a (different) button, you could share your creation to your friends and the community at large. Show off your wildest creations and let the heroes loose on the battlefield! Although the sandbox is helpful in giving you insight on how certain mechanics work, do note that the game goes deeper than mere interactions.

Keep track of how your opponents draft your heroes, as it drastically affects your chance of getting the ones they’ve picked up! That’s something you could learn only from playing the game, so the sandbox mode can only do so much to sharpen your skills.

Extrajudicial Imprisonment is a Daily Occurrence

One of the last big changes in the Underlords Big Update is the introduction of the White Spire jail. A random selection of heroes will be jailed each day, removing them from the hero pool. Check the jail daily and keep them in mind when drafting. Don’t worry! Even though some heroes might get jailed, you’ll still always be able to complete Alliances. You’ll just have to think extra on how you’ll be composing your team.

Dota Underlords is currently in Open Beta, and you can join in on the fun through Steam, or play on the mobile version in both Android and iOS devices.