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Rumble League Shutting Down Just Months After Soft Launch

It’s always sad to see games close down, leaving their communities hanging up high and dry. Sadly, Rumble League will be saying goodbye.

We previously covered Rumble League when it went out of Alpha to make its soft launch. We found the game to be a fun distraction, giving us short bursts of adrenaline. However, the time has come for us to say goodbye to the game.

Untimely Death

On the game’s update notes and on the game’s Facebook page, it was announced that the game will be sent to an early grave come January 30, 2020. “There were other aspects of the game we thought weren’t quite ‘it’,” reads the update notes, “and those were the ones that have influenced this decision. “

The game’s servers will continue running until the said date, and the game’s holiday-themed maps and events will still be there. After the holiday season, the game map will revert back to the classic, unthemed style, until the game closes down permanently.

To ease up queue times, the developers enabled trophies for the Quickplay and Rumble modes. They’ve also loosened up the trophy win/loss ratio, allowing players to rack up trophies while they still can.

Diamonds, the in-game premium currency, will also be removed from the store. They will instead be awarded by completing challenges, which gives everyone a better chance to collect all the cosmetics that they’ve always wanted while there’s still time.

Space Ape will still be giving out prizes they owe to the winners of Rumble League’s online esports competition, the SEA SLAM.

Moving On

Currently, there are no plans to revive the game in the future. It’s likely that the developers will be moving on to their next game. Unfortunately, fans also can’t expect a comeback. There are also no plans for the game’s IP to be sold to a different developer. Unless Space Ape changes their mind and works on the game again, it will be stuck in limbo.

Thankfully, Space Ape itself isn’t closing down. That means we could still play their other cool games.

Fastlane is a modern take on the classic arcade shooter experience. Relieve your memories playing shooter games on arcade cabinets with this game, right under your thumbs.

Transformers: Earth Wars lets you build up a base with the iconic robots and assemble your very own army. Join either the Decepticons or the Autobots for a bid in dominance!

Want to build a base but not a fan of Transformers? Try out Rival Kingdoms for a more fantasy approach to base management. Samurai Siege is the more cartoony clay version of the two games, which is out in both Android and iOS.

If you want to play a game just like Rumble League, then you could also try out Supercell’s Brawl Stars. Although not exactly the same, the game could treat your twin-stick shooter arena itch as you slowly move on from Rumble League.