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EA Games Return to Steam: Brings Star Wars With Them

EA Games was notable for being one of the first publishers to pull out of Steam in favor of selling games on their own platform: Origin. Now after almost a decade, EA will be bringing back their games to Steam.

May the Force be With You

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

The news came with the announcement that the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order will be on Steam when it hits stores on November 15. This ends EA’s eight-year self-imposed exile from the Steam Store. Long-time gamers would remember that EA started pulling out of Steam with Dragon Age II. Since then, they haven’t released a single game on the platform.

Gears changed years down the road and now we see EA Games’ most anticipated game of the year coming out on Steam. Jedi: Fallen Order follows the story of a Padawan who narrowly escapes Order 66. Star Wars fans would know that this order wiped out the entire Jedi. Being a Padawan, the main character went under the nose of the Empire. He would later save others using his force powers – forcing him to reveal his true identity.

Early impressions on Jedi: Fallen Order are raving. Many have praised the game’s swordplay as its most exciting aspect. Being a game that revolves a lot around lightsabers, that’s a good thing. Many have also praised its implementation of Souls-like mechanics, without losing any of Jedi: Fallen Order’s own theme and aesthetic.

Back then, EA Games reportedly left Steam because of many of Steam’s policies being detrimental to their profits. Selling their goods without sharing their sales with Steam would, theoretically, mean more money for EA.

That’s why Jedi: Fallen Order coming to Steam is a big deal. Steam has grown its audience so much that it’s too hard to ignore its potential. EA Games realized that they’d profit more even if they shared with Steam, simply because they’d be able to sell more copies under Steam’s platform.

However, don’t get too excited thinking that you’re completely rid of the Origin platform. Although you’d buy and launch the game from Steam, you will still have to pass through the Origin platform to open their games, much like how it does now with UPlay.

Sharing is Caring

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Jedi: Fallen Order isn’t the only EA Games title to be shared with Switch. Sims 4 and Unraveled will also be available now on Steam store, while multiplayer games like FIFA 20, Battlefield V, and the hit Apex Legends will all be coming to Steam in 2020. This news comes just in time with Apex’s new season, which introduces a brand-new map for players to battle on.

Just like with Jedi: Fallen Order, the Origin platform will still be required to boot the abovementioned games, even when launched using the Steam platform.

What would this shift mean for the Origin platform? Thankfully, Steam will not completely make Origin obsolete. The Origin Access subscription will still be up and available for its users through the Origin platform. Meanwhile, EA is also reportedly working on their own cloud-streaming service, similar to the Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud project. The streaming service will most likely still be coursed through Origin, whenever it may be the service launches.