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Fortnitemare 2019: Catching Up? All You Need To Know

With still a few days, it’s not yet too late to jump into Fortnitemare 2019. For those just coming around from the Halloween celebration and getting into Fortnite just now, here are the things you need to know when getting into this year’s Fortnitemare.

The Storm King LTM

Fortnitemare 2019 Storm King LTM

The Fortnitemare 2019 event brings with it the ghastly Storm King LTM. In this mode, you team up in a group of 16 to beat a giant tornado-looking purple monster. The Storm King is a formidable opponent, which made Epic nerf the guy twice. That’s good news for you since it’ll be easier for you now to catch up with those nerfs.

The Storm King LTM spawns the big boss of the Save The World mode of original Fortnite, the Storm King. He has the power to control the weather and was the original cause of the Storm Circle. The Storm King also commands an army of zombies that spawn in the map as you try to beat him.

Fighting against the Storm King takes place in different phases. Going through them could be a considerable challenge. Just remember that shooting at the Storm King randomly isn’t gonna hurt him: You have to fire at his weak points first. The weak points appear as inconspicuous glowing body parts. Take those down and you’d be able to shoot at one of his horns. Destroying both of his horns will put the Storm King’s defenses down, allowing you to shoot him down for the victory.

Destroying one of his horns will grant you a badge. The badge will get upgraded once you destroy his other horn, and will be maxed out once you’ve beaten the Storm King.

Storm Sail Fortnitemare 2019 Reward

You can play solo in Storm King, but remember that since it’s a PvE mode, you can still revive other players in the server when they fall. Work together to finish off the Storm King and earn the Storm Sail – a Storm King inspired umbrella.

Fortnitemare 2019 Challenges

Outside of the FTM, there are also a couple of rewards you could win from doing the various challenges for the seasonal event.

There are six challenges in total, with three of them revolving around the Storm King FTM. The other four could be done in any game mode, and here’s how you could finish them quickly to reap the rewards.

The first one needs you to open a treasure in a spooky farm, in an abandoned town, and in a haunted forest. You don’t have to look for them because we’re gonna tell you exactly where to find these chests.

Fortnite Season 2 Map with Fortnitemare Locations
Fortnite Season 2 Map courtesy of Vattenpistol over at Reddit

The abandoned town is an unnamed part of the map found at the northeastern tip of the island. You could find it marked on the map above with a red box. THere should be a haunted house there. Opening any chest inside the house will give you progress on the challenge.

The other two locations are much easier to find. The haunted forest refers to the Weeping Woods and the spooky farm is the Frenzy Farm. Simply open a chest within these areas to complete the challenge.

The next challenge is to destroy five pieces of haunted household furniture. You may notice that all homes on the island are now dressed up for Halloween. In some of these houses, look for haunted furniture – chairs and other household objects floating mid-air. Simply destroy them with your pickaxe to complete the challenge.

Finally, the last challenge will make you become your very own jumpscare. Get yourself in a hideout – either in one of the bales of hay or inside a dumpster. Then jump out when an opponent comes near. You can make your chances higher by putting bait in front of the dumpster, surprising opponents when they try to loot.

Completing all challenges will award you with an event-limited loading screen, so get on grinding.

Gun Fright

Finally, a new community-made game mode called “Gun Fright” is now online. This mode, created by user BluDrive will see you teaming up with a buddy in a gunslinging gauntlet.

Gun Fright is part of the Creative Curse challenges. Try out various community-made creative modes for prizes. Play Infernum, Retribution, Mansion of Power, and Gun Fright to to complete challenges. You could win up to five different styles for the Back Board, and one new spray paint from the Creative Cruise.