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Razer Junglecat Turns your Android device into a Switch knock-off

Razer is a great company when it comes to making gaming peripherals. However, this new offering from them, the Razer Junglecat, makes your Android device look like a Nintendo Switch knock-off.

You could almost not tell the difference.

The controllers are meant to be placed on the top and bottom of your mobile device, which would be turned sideways for your viewing pleasure. However, the Razer Junglecat can only be placed in this configuration if you have one of four devices: Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, or Huawei P30 Pro.

This is where it gets weird

So what is the controller’s use when it’s not “attached” to your phone’s body? Just like how it is with the Switch, the Razer Junglecat can be placed on a bar, allowing you to hold the two controllers as one.

Razer Junglecat with bar
The similarities are… uncanny

Razer’s controllers however never physically connect to your device. Instead, it connects to it via Bluetooth. Unlike the Switch, the controllers act like external devices and are never going to be interpreted by your device as an actual part of it. Therefore, the Razer Junglecat doesn’t charge while being used, unlike the Switch Joy-Cons. That’s not too bad, though. Razer reports that the Junglecat could last a hundred hours with a full battery. They’re a headache to charge, though, as you’ll have to charge the two controllers via USB-C separately. You can’t even charge them as one using the bar that puts them together.

The peripheral comes with its own app, named the Razer Gamepad App, which promises to take you straight into playing the hottest games. It also allows you to map your buttons, but knowing mobile games, that might not even be necessary. Thankfully enough, the Razer Junglecat is compatible with more than a hundred games. That somehow justifies the $100 price tag.

Thankfully, the controller itself is good mechanically. The buttons are responsive, and it’s amazing how quickly it could send button inputs to your device. It’s as if the controllers were wired to the phone.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Razer Junglecat Controller for iOS
The first Junglecat, which was made for Apple devices

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing the Junglecat. In fact, this Switch wannabe is already the second of its kind. The first Junglecat turned your iPhone into a PSP Go. You simply place your iPhone on a bulky case with a built-in controller. The controller slides from behind the phone and has a D-PAD and face buttons.

The first Junglecat was scrapped years ago and was never released to the public.

It’s going to take some time before we know if the Junglecat ever becomes a thing. Razer says that they’ll have to test the market first before they could make the Junglecat compatible with other devices.

Thankfully, Razer’s old controller for mobile devices isn’t so picky about your phone. The old Razer Raiju Mobile works with a much longer list of devices. But the Raiju isn’t so portable, and it’s kinda weird playing games in that set-up.

Either way, Razer makes so many cool peripherals that it’s unfortunate that this one strikes too much resemblance with a popular gaming console. Regardless, there are so many games on mobile devices that play so differently from consoles, so the Junglecat is still worth a second look.