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Netmarble Magic: The Gathering Mobile Game Announced

Wizards of the Coast isn’t widely known to be great publishers of good video games. The company produced spin-off games that people would quickly forget. Except for Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic: Online, Wizards of the Coast struggle in making a mark in video games. A Netmarble Magic: The Gathering game is not likely to change the tides.

Wizards of the Coast announced that they are partnering with Netmarble to create a new Magic: The Gathering mobile game. Although details about the game itself are sparse, fans could already rule out playing an Arena-like experience on the mobile.

According to a press release, “Magic: ManaStrike is an action-packed way to discover the Magic multiverse.” It adds, “We can’t wait to welcome new players to the community.”

It seems clear, even for Wizards of the Coast, that this game won’t be appealing to long-time fans of the franchise.

ManaStrike will put two players head-to-head in Player vs. Player matches in high-quality 3D. Players will still play with cards, but we don’t know if these cards resemble the real Magic cards. Players initially choose a deck from one of the five mana colors. They then get new cards added to their collections as they progress.

Mobile Game Credentials

Thankfully, Netmarble Games usually turn out to be mediocre at worst. The company’s known at handling different IPs well and applying them masterfully to different genres of games. Aside from Magic: The Gathering, Netmarble has other games that have successfully used another company’s IP.

The South Korean game developer studio has handled Marvel, DC, Blade & Soul, Lineage, Tera, and King of Fighters IPs, applying them on different kinds of games. They even have a partnership with the South Korean boy band BTS, wherein Netmarble has a management sim revolving around the group.

Among Netmarble’s games, the highest-rated are BTS’s management sim with 4.8 stars, and Marvel’s Future Fight, with 4.5 stars. However, not all of Netmarble’s games experience a good ending. Netmarblev shut down the DC Pentastorm MOBA after it failed to differentiate itself from other mobile MOBA games out there. Netmarble would instead focus its resources on bringing Arena of Valor to South Korea, killing off Pentastorm.