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All Activision Blizzard Games May One Day Arrive On Mobile

It’s already happening. Blizzard mobile games are a thing. Based on a recent earnings call, this trend doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

Blizzard already announced Diablo Immortal last year, which will soon be coming to iOS and Android devices. Blizzard keeping it lowkey during BlizzCon 2019 already says a lot on how fans receive these games. Still, it looks like Blizzard will continue bringing in games from their franchises to mobile.

Mobile Successes

To give them credit, Blizzard mobile games have so far been widely successful. If you consider their whole portfolio, which includes King’s Candy Crush Saga which Activision acquired in 2015, you can’t fault Blizzard for wanting more of the mobile game market’s cake. With Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile being a popular success as well, there’s little reason for Activision Blizzard not to continue making mobile games.

In a recent earnings call, Activision Blizzard president and COO Cody Johnson said that the situation presented to the company is ideal for making mobile games. “A third of our business is on mobile already, says Johnson, ” We have the largest mobile gaming presence in the west. So we want to build on that leadership position.”

He says that their success on mobile should not be restricted to just Call of Duty and Diablo Immortal. However, when asked if games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch will be coming to mobile, Johnson just came short in promising them. “In terms of what we’ll make, you might imagine we’re looking at all of our franchises. We want to do it where it makes sense,” says Johnson.

Johnson reported that Blizzard will be categorizing their mobile games into three. The first one is meant to “extend existing gameplay,” in which Call of Duty: Mobile falls under. These games make use of already existing content from their console and PC counterparts and are reused on mobile. The second category has “reimaginations.” It makes use of current IP and creating an entirely new game out of the same universe, just like Hearthstone for World of Warcraft. The third one consists of “true cross-platform titles,” which is an ambitious concept, where mobile gamers could play with other gamers on other platforms.

Not a Fan Favorite

However, fans of Blizzard aren’t as enthusiastic as the company in this new direction. In 2018, Blizzard revealed Diablo Immortal and received overwhelmingly negative reactions. This year, Blizzard focused more on Diablo IV, with Diablo immortal being sent to the backseat. The developers still showed some updates on Diablo Immortal, revealing the new Demon Hunter class. This year’s reception to Diablo Immortal is better than last year but remains lukewarm.

The idea that players’ favorite games will go mobile is scary for those who think about smartphones’ hardware limitations. However, Blizzard remains confident that they can bring true-to-form ports of their AAA games to mobile.

“The AAA kinds of games we make are ready to work on mobile because of the improving compute and graphics capability [of the mobile devices],” says Johnson. “And honestly because of evolving player expectations. It’s now the case that many of the most successful global games are first-person action, strategy; those all align, as you might imagine, very well with our portfolio. [And] we have a growing ability to execute”