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Monster Rancher Release Date Revealed

The first Monster Rancher game will be re-released to mobile devices and on Nintendo Switch. Back in September, we saw a trailer showing that the classic game will have most of its original aspects intact on its remaster. Now, we know exactly when the re-release will be, thanks to a tweet by Koei Tecmo.

The Same Game on a New Platform

Monster Rancher trailer

Monster Rancher originally released on the PSOne on November 30, 1997. It would later spawn multiple sequels and even an anime series. However, the franchise wasn’t as successful as other monster-raising games like Digimon and Pokemon, and so most of Monster Rancher didn’t see a Western release.

The same is true for this remaster. To celebrate the game’s 22nd anniversary, the first game will be released on mobile devices and for the Nintendo Switch, but only in Japan. There are currently no plans to bring the game to the West.

Monster Rancher lets you play as a monster rancher, raising monsters on a ranch for battle. As a rancher, you take care of different monsters and breed them. Your goal is to breed the most powerful monster, and battling your way through various monster battling tournaments.

The monsters’ performance in battles depend on the way you raise them. Those who you take good care of are more likely to perform critical hits, while those who dislike you will often disregard your commands in battle. Once a monster has become old, you could fuse them with other monsters to create more powerful monsters.

Monster Generation

The original Monster Rancher games allowed players to use CD and DVD to generate new monsters. While in-game, you’ll be prompted to insert a different CD or DVD on the console’s disc tray. The game will then generate a randomized code based on the CD and DVD. Using the randomized code, the game will generate a monster with stats and qualities based on the generated code.

In the Nintendo DS, players were able to use their voice and the touchscreen to draw monsters.

However, these methods are not possible through the Nintendo Switch and on smartphones. Therefore, to generate new monsters in this remaster, players could choose from an online database of songs. Your code will then be generated based on the song’s title and artist.

It’s quite disappointing that Monster Rancher’s most charming feature: generating new monsters by inserting a foreign object on your console, gets an underwhelming treatment in the remaster. However, that should not deter many players from picking the game up when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch on November 19, and on iOS and Android devices on November 28.