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Granado Espada Mobile Now In Development

Hanbitsoft, publishers of the MMORPG classic, has just announced that Granado Espada Mobile has just started its development.

IMC Games Co., Ltd. developed Granado Espada in 2016. It was able to win the Korean Presidential Award for Best Graphics and Game of the Year in its first year. At the time, the game had stellar graphics and gameplay unique to its competition. The game would continue to flourish thanks to continuous updates by the developers for over the decade. Recently, Hanbitsoft revealed that a mobile version has just started development.

A Unique Spin on Fantasy MMORPGs

Granado Espada was able to differentiate itself from other MMORPGs of the time. Instead of the popular fantasy world, Granado Espada is set in a Baroque, European world. It also allowed players to control three characters simultaneously. These two main features were able to set the game apart from other MMOs.

The game is set in a newly-discovered America-esque continent during the Age of Exploration. The Vespanolan Kingdom in control of the continent as a colony is at war at the Old World. The continent itself is beset in a civil war between Royalists and Republicans vying for independence. To keep all this conflict from spiraling out of control, the Vespanolan Queen has called for Reconquista. As a result, families from the Old World have come to the continent for a fresh start in life.

You play as one of such families. Your family can have at most 108 characters in Granado Espada. This encourages players to experiment not only with different characters but also various party compositions. Different families could band together to build clans, gathering together hundreds of different players under one banner. Different clans go against each other in Colony Wars, a weekly contest where clans fight over territories on the continent.

Stiff Competition

Hanbitsoft is following a trend set by other Korean publishers and developers. Recently, there have been a lot of developers revealing that their games are coming to mobile devices soon. Some classic MMOs have already successfully found their way to mobile. One of these is Lineage 2M by NCSoft, released in South Korea last September. Lineage 2M will launch to Western audiences this November 27. Another key MMO coming this year on Western shores is Pearl Abyss’s Black Desert Online Mobile. The game has been available in the East since February last year.

MMOs releasing on the mobile platform aren’t limited to mobile ports of PC games. V4, a NEXON-produced game, was released last November 7 to Western audiences. V4 was created from scratch with mobile in mind, and NEXON was able to include features that are perfect for mobile devices.

Hanbitsoft is sure to meet strong competition as it enters the mobile market, and its late arrival might mean it could attract fewer players. Nevertheless, Granado Espada’s uniqueness may be enough to convince others to try it out.