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Path of Exile is Coming to Mobile!

The announcement of Diablo IV may have been great news for Action RPG fans. but those same fans may be more excited after the announcement of Path of Exile Mobile.

The Better, Cheaper Competitor

Path of Exile took the world by storm when it first released in 2013. It first released on the PC, followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases years later. It’s free-to-play with options to spend money on additional inventory slots. Its success eventually caught the attention of Chinese gaming company Tencent’s attention. Tencent invested money in Grinding Gear Games, the creators of Path of Exile.

Path of Exile plays similarly to Action RPG games like Diablo IV and Torchlight II. It revolves around the core game loop of loot and grind – beating dungeons and bosses to find better loot that you could use to beat more difficult stages. However, Path of Exile put a lot more focus on skill progression compared to its competitors. Aside from loot that players acquire from raids and events, characters also get stronger through the game’s extensive skill trees. All of Path of Exile’s six different classes have their own unique skill trees. The game’s skill progression system allows characters from the same class to differ significantly from each other.

The charm of unlimited customization options and the game’s creative seasonal gimmicks developed a large following for the game. The game’s cult-classic status allowed it to flourish even with its limited use of microtransactions.

Mobile Port and a Successor

The official announcement trailer of Path Of Exile Mobile

The mobile was announced alongside a sequel during ExileCon last November 16-17. The mobile version will streamline some gameplay elements to fit the mobile platform better. However, the developers have come out to say that the mobile version will stay true in the core elements of its PC version. Grinding Gear Games said that they will be developing the mobile version in-house, but it’s hard not to think that Tencent also has a hand on this mobile release.

In spite of coming to mobile, where microtransactions are more prevalent, Guilty Gear Games said that their stance towards microtransactions will remain the same. The game’s microtransactions will still be limited to cosmetic items, additional inventory slots, and automated trading systems.

We don’t have a release date yet for either of the two games revealed during ExileCon. However, that doesn’t take away all the excitement. Path of Exile is a great Action RPG game with its own unique features. Moving on to the mobile market will help increase its accessibility, which will hopefully add more people to its fanbase.