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Chun-Li Power Ranger: Now Playable in Legacy Wars

For some time now, Street Fighter characters have been in the world of Power Rangers. However, it’s only been Ryu who has earned the right to call himself a Power Ranger. A recent update of the game Legacy Wars, however, added Chun-Li Power Ranger to that list. Yes, there’s a version of Chun-Li in Power Rangers get-up, and you can play as her in nWay’s Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Street Fighter and Power Rangers Crossover?

Albeit lowkey, the Street Fighter and Power Rangers crossover has been happening for over a year now. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars was a videogame tie-in for the film Power Rangers, which was both a critical and commercial flop. The game, however, was able to sustain a strong following, enjoying 50 million downloads over two years. It also conveniently sets up the crossover.

A former Power Ranger by the name of Rita Repulsa has been harnessing her power to infect the Morphin Grid, pulling Power Rangers from different generations together in the game. Rita’s powers eventually grew strong enough to tap into the multiverse, later discovering M. Bison’s recently-slain body. Impressed by M. Bison’s strength in spite of his loss against Ryu and Chun-Li, Rita resurrects the dictator to help her conquer the Street Fighter universe.

Chun-Li Morphs into Chun-Li Ranger | Official Moveset | Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Chun-Li morphs into Chun-Li Ranger 🐦🔥Now filled with the power of the Blazing Phoenix, Chun-Li Ranger’s moves can set her opponent ablaze with blue Phoenix fire while fighting alongside her Street Fighter comrades! Note: Players who previously had unused Street Fighter Shards exchanged for gold before this update will keep the gold and get back their original number of Street Fighter Shards.

Posted by Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Street Fighter characters were introduced to the game in May 2018, with the Ryu Ranger making its debut in October. A year later, Chun-Li also gains a Power Ranger status, earning the nickname Chun-Li Ranger. The Ryu Power Ranger was a Gold Ranger. Meanwhile, the Chun-Li Power Ranger is revealed to be blue.

Although their fighting styles and movesets remain similar to their unmorphed versions with more powerful effects.

A Fight Between Good and Evil Power Rangers

PR Legacy Wars: New Gameplay Video

New gameplay footage of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Can't wait to pull these combos when the game releases on March 23rd! #ItsMorphinTime #PlayLegacyWars #PowerRangersMovie

Posted by Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Street Fighters’ collaboration with Power Rangers isn’t too far-fetched, at least for this game. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a mobile fighting game that pits good and evil Power Rangers against each other. Players get to choose from more than fifty characters (including Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Guile, Akuma, and M. Bison) to build a team of three. The player controls a main character, while two support characters could be called to battle to execute special moves.

To celebrate Chun-Li’s Power Ranger form’s release, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars had a limited-time event. Players could choose between Chun-Li centric missions to further the goals of the Good Power Rangers. Meanwhile, those from the other side could complete Cammy-specific missions to commit their evil deeds.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars continues to be a popular game, with 87,000 followers on their official Facebook page.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available on both Android and iOS devices.