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Steam Remote Play Together: Steam Games on iOS and Android

After one month of beta testing, Steam Remote Play Together is finally available to anyone who has Steam Link. The feature allows friends to play couch co-op games away from each other. It’s just like playing in the same living room, miles away.

Steam Remote Play Together: How To Play Co-Op With Friends

Steam users can now invite their friends who use the Steam Link app to play with them. This works for a massive list of couch-coop or split-screen games. The host player can do this by pulling up their friend list and finding their friends. Right-clicking their names will make a menu appear, where “Remote Play Together” can be selected. Your friends will get an invite to join you in your game, and once they’ve accepted, they can play the game right on their phones.

Towerfall Ascension sample Steam Remote Play Together
The context menu when inviting friends to play a game. Courtesy of Valve

The fun part is that Steam Remote Play Together allows friends to play with each other with just one copy of the game. The friends the host invites to their game don’t have to own the game they’re going to play. The host will then be streaming the game from his computer to his or her friends’ smartphones. The friends can then either play the games on their phones or with Bluetooth controllers or while streaming the game footage on a monitor or tv screen.

The Stream Remote Play Together feature even allows you and your friends to have a dedicated voice chat channel – it’s really just as if you’re playing together in one room.

Steam Link app

Steam Remote Play Together requires the Steam Link app to work. It is currently available for Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to stream their Steam games on Android TV, Android tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad. With a Bluetooth controller connected to the phone, you could play any games you have on your Steam library on your phone screen.

Steam Link App

The service requires a strong network connection, though. The router or network system that both your mobile device and your computer running Steam has to have at least 5GHz frequency.

Similar to the Steam Link app is Microsoft’s own xCloud service for the Xbox One, except the connection between the source device and the mobile device is done through a local area network, not through the cloud.

Celebratory Steam Sale

In celebration of the launch of the service, Steam is currently holding a sale that Valve deems perfect for Remote Play Together. If you’ve always wanted to buy those multiplayer party games, now’s your chance. Great games like Towerfall Ascension, Crawl, Cuphead, Risk of Rain, Enter the Gungeon, and more are all on sale right now. Grab one of them and try out this awesome new feature with your friends. It’s a great way to reconnect to your old college dorm roommates, or with family who lives in faraway places.