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Dragalia Lost collaboration with Mega Man Starts This November 28

Hit mobile game Dragalia Lost will be having a collaboration with Capcom’s Mega Man this week. Starting November 28, players will get the chance to unlock Mega Man for the game. The event “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol” and will run until December 15.

Anticipating Mega Man’s Challenges

Dragalia Lost’s limited-time events feature event-exclusive rewards and rare materials such as Twinkling Sand, which players could use to craft powerful weapons. The Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Event will most likely be a Story Event, where players get to follow a narrative behind the quests. In story events, players collect event-specific resources which they use to advance the story.

Mega Man will become a playable character in Nintendo’s hit role-playing game as an adventurer. However, not everyone’s ensured to get the blue cyborg. Dragalia Lost is a Gacha game, so players will have to be lucky to pull a Mega Man for their next Summon. If Mega Man turns out to be a 5* adventurer, players will have less than 4% chance to get him from their rolls.

What Is Dragalia Lost?

As mentioned above, Nintendo publishes Dragalia Lost. Nintendo made the IP specifically for the mobile market. It turns out to be a successful game, and it has provided Nintendo with millions in revenue.

Dragalia Lost is a free-to-play party-based role-playing game. Players get characters for their parties from “rolls”, which is called “Summon” in this game. You roll using a resource called wyrmite. Players naturally obtain wyrmite as they progress through the game, but they can also be bought using real money.

Gameplay-wise, Nintendo designed Dragalia Lost with casual players in mind. Players can play the entire game with just one hand. You direct the party’s leader movement and who to attack. A thankfully-competent AI controls the rest of your party.

Your party characters could be granted stats using Wyrmprints, which they could also use to turn into powerful dragons during combat. There’s also a somewhat deep skill tree, or rather, skill circles system, called Mana Circles, which help build your characters up to your whim.

Dragalia Lost’s story is interesting enough to make you want to keep on going, but honestly, its core gameplay loop is enough to make you come back to the app again and again. Additionally, there are limited-time events. These keep the game fresh and interesting even for veteran players of the game.

Mega Man Mobile

Mega Man X DiVE Featured Image

Earlier this year, the closed-beta registration for the upcoming Mega Man X DiVE mobile game opened. Slowly, Capcom is introducing this new game to iOS and Android players. Capcom Taiwan will be releasing the game before the end of this year.

Mega Man X DiVE will bring the classic side-scrolling shooter action game to mobile devices. It will also introduce multiplayer game modes, allowing you and your friends to clear stages and fight boss battles together.