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Shadowgun War Games Enters Pre-Registration Beta

Call of Duty: Mobile has so far been a massive success, topping all the charts and making lots of money. It’s so big right now that it might be considered risky by many developers to release their FPS games on mobile platforms while CoD: Mobile is flaming hot. Madfinger Games is undeterred, though, putting out their own multiplayer FPS game Shadowgun War Games on beta in spite of Call of Duty’s success. Pre-registration has just opened, and we’re here to tell you what’s in store for those who are willing to try it out.

Is This Overwatch?

First impressions matter, and for Shadowgun War Games, it looked like Overwatch at first glance. The graphics and the mechanics of the game are similar but don’t think it’s another clone or me-too, because Shadowgun offers its own unique flavor to the 5v5 Shooter Arena genre.

Just like Overwatch, SGWG pits two teams of five heroes against each other. All players choose between an expanding roster of heroes with their own stats, weapons, and abilities. Players who played Madfinger Games’ other Shadowgun games like Shadowgun and Shadowgun Legends would find familiar faces in War Games’ cast of characters.

SGWG uses a classic team-based game mode that we rarely see nowadays: Capture the Flag. The two teams (Blue and Red) have their own team flags located near their respawn points. The team will have to cooperate with each other to capture the opposing team’s flag. When a player captures the enemy flag, the rest of the team focuses on protecting him or her. The team gains a point when they manage to bring the opponent’s flag back to their own base.

If Capture the Flag isn’t your thing and you just want to go out guns a-blazing, SGWG also has a team deathmatch game mode. Matches can be played with a party or alone, with the game’s matchmaking system taking care of the queue.

Console Quality 3D FPS Game – For Mobile

Madfinger Games developed Shadowrun War Games specifically for mobile games. They currently have no plans to bring the game to consoles or to the PC. But Shadowrun War Games runs like a console game right on your fingertips. Even if it’s just on the beta phase, the game already runs on most midrange phones with no hiccups.

It’s actually amazing how they were able to fit in Overwatch-level graphics into a mobile game. Not to mention that the game’s mechanics weren’t sacrificed to release the game on mobile. Madfinger Games even made sure that SGWG would be compatible with most mobile phone controllers, which gives players more ways to play the game.

Shadowrun War Games is currently on beta. Interested users could pre-register now at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.