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SEA Games 2019 Esports: Everything You Need To Know

SEA Games 2019 esports competitions will begin today. Before everything else, here are everything you need to know before the matches start.

The Venue

The first ever SEA Games 2019 esports contests will be held at the FilOil Flying V Arena in San Juan, Metro Manila. It’s close to the Santolan Town Center.

The stadium is usually used for voleyball and basketball games, and was also the venue for the SEA Games’ basketball events.

However, the arena right now has been redesigned to accommodate the esports competitions. Gates will be open to the public through the free tickets given away for the event.

The Games

There are six events for the SEA Games 2019: three PC games, two mobile games, and one console game. These are Dota 2, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arena of Valor.

Not all countries will be participating in the games though, with ML:BB the only game to have all nine participating countries in it. There is even one country, Cambodia, who only fielded for one game: Mobile Legends.

The Schedule

SEA Games 2019 esports matches will be held from December 5 to 10. There will be an opening ceremony today at 10AM. Not all games will be played every day.

For example, Dota 2 will have matches only from December 7 to 9. The organizers also placed all Tekken 7 matches in one day, on December 10. This is in consideration of all players joining the Tekken World Tour event in Bangkok Thailand from December 7-8.

The Format

All esports events will have three phases: the group stages, the playoffs, and the grand finals. See the graphic below (courtesy of Mineski.net) for the full schedule of matches along to see when each phase of which game will be held.

SEA Games 2019 Esports Events (courtesy of Mineski.net)

The group stages will be played in round-robin format. Lots were picked last December 3 which determined which teams will be grouped together.

The Names

Don’t get surprised, but you won’t be seeing the usual in-game names and esports nicknames when you watch the players compete in SEA Games 2019 esports events. The players will have their surnames displayed in-game instead, following their country’s three-digit codes.

An exception would be Vietnam, who, in some games, have been allowed to use their first names instead of their last names. That’s just fair, considering how five of their seven players have the same surname of Nguyen.

The Filipino Players

The Philippine National team for esports is named Sibol, which is apt for the fact that this is just the first time esports events are held in SEA Games. We prepared a profile of the players of all our esports teams back when their final roster was announced, which you can see here.

The team is poised to add more medals to the country’s tally. It’s only a matter of time before they could prove that just like any other athlete, esports athletes could also bring a lot of pride to their country.