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King of Fighters All Star Grapples Tekken Characters!

Mobile game King of Fighters All Star isn’t content to just have all KoF characters from all over its history. Until tomorrow, players could take part of the King of Fighters All Star Tekken 7 collaboration event. Find out here what the event is all about.

8 Fighters from Tekken 7

The collaboration event introduces eight new characters from Tekken 7 for players to use. There are two fighters eachc for Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu. Meanwhile, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Kazama, Paul Phoenix, and Armor King each have their own fighter.

Players who log-in during the collaboration event could get a Jin Kazama (Classic) fighter for free. They may also spend their summon rubies on two summon cards during the event for a chance to get more Tekken 7 characters.

Players may log-in daily during the collaboration event to get daily rewards, including items that will increase the player’s bond with Tekken characters, making them stronger in battle.

Tomorrow is also the last day to complete Tekken 7 event collaboration challenges, the Jin Kazama challenge dungeon, and collection of all Tekken 7 event rewards.

Fighters Of Different Generations

King of Fighters All Star feature characters from all across King of Fighters history. Players may collect multiple versions of the same fighter, one for each game they appeared in. There are a total of more than 150 characters. Aside from Tekken 7, King of Fighters All Star also had collaborations with Gintama and Samurai Showdown.

Side-Scrolling Beat-Em’-Up

KoF All Star deviates from the usual 1v1 2D fighting game formula that the series is known for. The gameplay is more similar to the Tekken mini-game Tekken Force, a beat-em’-up style. Players traverse across a stage fighting against hordes of enemies. Usually, boss battles are fought at the end of each battle.

However, the mobile game doesn’t simply discard the gameplay that the series is known for. The game features a range of competitive 1v1 fighting modes for those who have beaten the single-player story mode. Climbing the ranks won’t be easy, so you’ll have to take your training seriously to reach the top!

KoF All Star features a simple yet fun formula for a beat-em’-up. Anyone could pick the game up anytime and have no trouble understanding the controls, mechanics, and other game elements. It also features a brand new story for both new and old fans to enjoy.

Play King of Fighters All Star now!

King of Fighters All Star is a recently released fighting game for mobile devices. It has been available in Japanese and Korean servers during the closed beta testing period, but it has now launched globally.

Get the game now via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Join the battle and prove that you deserve to be called the King of Fighters!