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COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards Guide

COD Mobile Season 2 makes use of the game’s strong momentum from its launch to give its players more reason to come back and play again. The good thing is, progression rewards for season 2 are worth striving for. Running for the whole of December and not ending until January 19, players who are just getting into it now have a lot of time to work for these rewards. Ready to spend your holiday break with a good round of CoD? Then read on.

COD Mobile Season 2 Important Updates

Aside from the season 2 battle pass, there are a lot of other improvements and updates to the game with this new patch. A better matchmaking system has been implemented, which should lead to more balanced team compositions. Zombie mode is also finally here, which can be played in both survival or raid mode. New limited-time multiplayer modes have also been introduced, like One Shot, One Kill, where you’re getting a J358 Revolver which you should use to kill 20 opponents. Sticks and Stones has you fighting others only with melee weapons and molotov cocktails, and limits use of some of your operator skills. Be hunted or be the hunter in Prop Hunt, and play in the new map Summit in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, and Frontline game modes. Finally, Season 2 introduces controller support for CoD Mobile.

The Battle Royale mode also sees an array of improvements. There are new map areas, such as a circus-themed area and snowy areas to match the season. The underground area has also been improved, so you might want to explore the bus station again. Earn rewards for winning chicken dinner while only using a sniper rifle for the whole match, and try out the new M16 rifle. You could also chase around a zombie Santa for some rewards. It would be riding a tank with a posse of zombies following it. Shooting it will make it drop ammunition and candy canes, which you could collect for rewards. Watch out for the zombie Santa and collect new Holiday-themed skins.

COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards Guide

Players will be able to earn Battle Pass EXP points for up to level 100. As always, the incremental increase in level will only reward you so much. The battle pass is full of credits, weapon XP cards, and a bunch of Daily Crates, which will most likely contain credits. However, you will get great rewards every now and then, even for free users. Here are all the milestone rewards you’ll get for every ten battle pass levels:

  • 10 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Mechanic Class’s Drone
  • 20 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Ninja Class’s Grappling Hook
  • 30 – ‘Aurora Borealis’ camo for the UL736 assault rifle
  • 40 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Scout Class’s Sensor Dart
  • 50 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Clown Class’s Toy Robot
  • 60 – ‘Aurora Borealis’ camo for the Knife
  • 70 – ‘Jingle Bells’ camo for the Backpack
  • 80 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Medic Class’s First Aid Kit
  • 90 – ‘Reindeer’ camo for the Defender Class’s Shield
  • 100 – ‘Aurora Borealis’ camo for the M4 assault rifle

Accruing more levels past Level 100 for free users won’t get you anything. Meanwhile, those with the premium battle pass will get an additional battle pass crate for every level past Level 100.

There’s a lot of bonus content for premium battle pass owners, including an Alex Mason character which you unlock right from level 1. Just as how the free battle pass gave out ‘Reindeer’ and ‘Aurora Borealis’ camos for weapons and class items, the premium battle pass gives out ‘Alaska’ and ‘Glacier’ camos, which give your weapons and items a chilly look. A Donnie Walsh in ‘Jade’ Uniform is also unlockable at level 25, a cool-looking Alaska Wingsuit can be obtained at level 50, the ability to turn into a Snowman at level 80, and finally an M4-CQB at level 100.