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Pokemon Go Holiday Event Guide 2019

It’s December once again, so we’re up for another Pokemon Go holiday event. Get ready to see Pokemon wearing Christmas hats, jingle bells, and more. We’ve arranged the event guide by date to make it easier for you to track as we go throughout the month. Enjoy the holiday season with these perks from Niantic’s Pokemon Go!

December 16 – New Pokemon Hatchables

New Pokemon are hatching from eggs starting today! Aside from the old Pokemon you could hatch from eggs, holiday-themed Pokemon have been added to the list of hatchables. These include Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandshrew, who are sporting snow white skins for the snowy season. Keep an eye out on the new Pokemon you’re getting from eggs!

Check out here to know which Pokemon are hatching from the 2km, 5km, 7km, and 10km eggs.

December 17 – New Legendary Pokemon Raids

A new legendary Pokemon will start appearing in 5-star raids starting this day. It’s a Fighting-Grass type coming from Gen V, and it’s as green as a Christmas tree. Yep, it’s Virizion! Virizion will continue appearing in 5-star raids until January 7, 2020.

December 20-23 – Special Raid Weekend

Special Raid Weekend! Virizion will have to share some gyms with a few other legendary Pokemon. Lugia and Ho-Oh will be gracing Pokemon Gyms during this special raid weekend, so be sure to visit your local gyms to try getting them.

December 24-January 1 – Pokemon Go Holiday Event 2019

It’s the Pokemon Go Holiday Event! Ice-type Pokemon will start appearing more often in the wild, including two new additions: Cubchoo, which you could evolve to Beartic. Cryogonal will also make its a debut as a lure Pokemon. It will be appearing near glacial lure modules, so keep your eyes peeled for those! Other ice-type Pokemon will be around in the wild, like Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, Sneasel, Delibird, and Snorunt. You might also find Pikachu, Pichu, and Raichu in the wild wearing holiday hats, or find Stantlers with bells! Both Stantler and Raichu will also have an increased appearance rate in 2-star raid battles.

The appearance rate of Shiny Snorunt and Shiny Stantler with bells will be higher during this period, so go chain hunting by then!

Meanwhile, the Poke store will have avatar items that will let you dress for the occasion. Be sure to check it out soon and do a make-over for your digital self.

Ready yourself for season-specific field research, which you should accomplish while the season’s catch bonuses are in effect. For the whole duration of the event, you could open twice as many gifts, carry twice as many gifts, earn twice as many stardust and candies, and get a single-use incubator for the first Poke-disc you spin each day. Find the nearest Pokestop near you and do a daily jog to it to make sure you collect all of the bonuses! You’ll also get to hatch more eggs during this time because Niantic is implementing half-distance hatching again for this Pokemon Go holiday event.

December 28 – Special Winter Weekend

For this special day, all glacial modules will last two hours instead of just one. Regice will also awaken from its slumber to appear in raids. If you evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon during this day, it will learn Last Resort, which is useful against Regice. Finally, everyone gets an extra raid pass per day to have extra chances of catching that Regice.

That’s it for this year’s Pokemon Go Holiday Event.