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Fortnite Star Wars Event – May the Force be With You!

Fortnite certainly is making strides in the realm of in-game community events. Events that not only give collective quests but events that give a shared experience to its players. Its latest community event had Star Wars fans come together. Although the actual Fortnte Star Wars event only lasted for less than an hour and was only experienced by a handful, the entire Fortnite community still got a lot of goodies in the aftermath of the event. Take a look at some of these.

What Went Down During the Fortnite Star Wars Event

Logging-in during the event was a big issue. The large number of people trying to get in made the servers crash, which delayed the program. Once you manage to get in, you’re dropped by the school bus to the game map, and you get to glide down with a TIE Fighter glider. Later, a Millennium Falcon zoomed into the sky, followed by Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters. A dogfight ensues, wherein the Millennium Falcon manages to gun down several TIE fighters. With no more enemies on its tail, the iconic rogue ship landed. From it out came a Stormtrooper and The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley.

Keighley appeared in a hologram, later introducing the guest of the night, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams. Abrams appeared as a Fortnite character, which actually looks like a Sims avatar, now that I think of it. After a few words, an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie was shown, and everyone in attendance was awarded lightsabers.

Fortnite Star Wars Event Exclusive Content

Don’t worry if you missed the actual event. The TIE Fighter glider and the lightsabers were also given away for free for anyone who logged in after the event. We’re just not entirely sure until when these rewards will be up for grabs, but go grab them now just to be sure. Other Star Wars related gifts are also available for players, including Finn and Poe skins, blaster rifles, and more.

Just like any other Fortnite event, this Star Wars collaboration also introduced event-exclusive challenges, accomplishing which will garner you more Star Wars related rewards. This includes dealing damage with your lightsaber, deflecting laser and normal bullets with your lightsaber, and investigating TIE Fighter crash sites. Completing challenges will garner you:

  • A Resistance Banner after completing five Stage 1 Challenges
  • A Holographic First Order Back Bling after completing five Stage 2 Challenges
  • A Rey Jedi Training Emote after completing five Stage 3 Challenges

There are more Star Wars-themed stuff at the V-Bucks shop, but none of these beat the free TIE Fighter glider.

All of these exclusive content will be up for grabs until right before Christmas, so you have about a week to collect all these gifts.